Research: Speech Recognition

Florida Tech speech recognition researchAt first you needed to push a button to use voice command. Now you need a voice command to use a voice command!

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Make a Difference

Florida Tech corporate social responsibility

Florida Tech business students are required to perform at least six hours of community service as part of their Major Field Practicum, allowing students to learn the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Check out some of the successful projects where students were able to apply to the classroom and make a difference in the community.

Information Systems Internships and Research Opportunities

Work Side-by-Side with Local Companies in the Business Practicum

An important way to gather real experience while studying at Florida Tech is through information systems internships. Our students find information systems internship opportunities with a wide range of companies, including:

  • Brevard County Schools
  • ndtArtemis
  • NeuroSkeletal Imaging
  • Clear Channel Outdoor
  • General Electric
  • ERA Real Estate

Information systems internships could be research based, where students gather and analyze data to help their employers create better systems and software. It could also be hands-on, allowing students to design services and websites to suit companies' needs.

Take Part in the Business Plan Resource Course or Business Practicum

In addition to information systems internships, Florida Tech students also complete interactive business practicums in their senior year. Working side-by-side with local companies, they gain valuable work experience while solving problems in the information systems field. Each student is matched with a host organization of interest where he or she learns how the organization functions and gains insight into problem-solving and decision-making processes.

The Business Plan Research Course is a critical thinking experience for students to create a business plan for a real or hypothetical business opportunity that tests the skills they've learned in their classes and any information systems internships. Select business plans may even be chosen as a Student Business Incubator project.

Some companies that provide these practicums are:

  • Duracell
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Harris
  • GE

These practicums are an opportunity for students to utilize and apply the skills they've learned at Florida Tech to better prepare for the career world.

Campus-Based Research Opportunities

In addition to information systems internships, campus-based research opportunities build skills for future information systems jobs such as:

  • Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business Development - The center focuses on entrepreneurial education, global innovation and practical research in pursuit of new venture creation, sustainability, social value creation and venture acceleration.
  • Center for Ethics and Leadership - The mission of the center is to promote the practice of ethical behavior and effective leadership through activities that provide a forum for research, discussion and better understanding of ethics and leadership amongst all stakeholders in society.

Join the Student Business Incubator

Students who develop innovative and creative business plans may be invited to join the Student Business Incubator. This resource provides student business startups with computers, office space and seed funding to help nurture ideas into real business ventures.

Make Contacts in a Club or Organization

Florida Tech's chapter of Delta Mu Delta, a business honor society, serves to recognize outstanding Nathan M. Bisk College of Business students. It also serves as a networking opportunity to connect members with information systems internships and careers around the nation and the world.

The Florida Tech Entrepreneurs Club regularly holds meetings for members to discuss business ventures and ideas, and to interact with local entrepreneurs. Internships, research and networking in clubs and organizations are all a great way for students to find career opportunities and information systems internships.