What is a Finance Degree?

Florida Tech’s Finance degree program prepares students for employment in domestic or foreign-based companies involved in international trade or finance. Graduates typically work in careers such as commercial banking, financial planning, investment banking, money management, insurance and real estate.

Finance students at Florida Tech develop critical thinking expertise to evaluate global financial issues related to currency fluctuations, exchange rate risk, multinational investment and capital budgeting. Finance majors also develop an industry leading understanding of investments, capital budgeting, risk analysis, and foreign exchange hedging techniques.

Students in a finance degree program take courses in macro and microeconomics, accounting, business law, personal finance, statistics, E-business, international finance, portfolio management, corporate finance, strategic management and other fundamentals.

Graduates of Florida Tech’s corporate finance degree program work in corporate finance, personal financial planning, financial analysis, and investments, employed in many businesses, non-profit organizations and government. Financial analysts gather and dissect financial data and guide investment decisions. In addition, analysts look for market trends and investment opportunities while using formulas and statistical analysis to calculate risk and potential outcomes. 

What Practical Knowledge Do Students Gain in this Program?

Florida Tech professors use hands-on learning experiences and case methodology to ensure Finance majors gain practical experience applicable to the type of work they’ll do in their job. This includes developing detailed capital budgeting projects, making corporate financial decisions, understanding WACC, CAPM, asset management, preparing and analyzing financial statements, building leadership and teamwork skills, and understanding ethical decision-making.

Florida Tech finance degree majors build business experience by providing guidance to global businesses and government agencies making investment decisions. They learn and nurture the ability to assess the performance of stocks, bonds and other types of investments in international commodities markets, and make decisions leading to financial success.

What Kinds of Professional Relationships Do Students Build?

Beyond the classroom, corporate finance degree majors develop leadership experience through internships and participation in academic organizations like Delta Mu Delta (national business society), the Society for Advancement of Management, the International Business Club, student government and over 100 other student organizations. In addition, corporate finance degree students have the opportunity to learn about international business through Florida Tech's culturally enriched study abroad programs (Spain, the Netherlands and Oxford, England), and through working closely with global virtual teams on case studies through the internationally recognized X-Culture project.

What Type of Careers Will Graduates Find?

With a bachelor’s degree, strong communication and analytical skills, and technology experience, graduates work in entry level positions such as financial analyst, business analyst or support analyst. These positions allow students to grow their skills doing financial reports, trend analysis, pricing strategies, document financial transactions, data problem solving and more. Graduates also rise to additional opportunities including strategic planner, certified financial planner, senior financial analyst and more with an MBA and on the job experience.

Where Do Graduates Work?

Many large companies visit Florida Tech's Employer Day each semester, giving students the opportunity to network, look for internships and discover the opportunities a corporate finance degree might provide. Employers that have recruited Florida Tech students for internships and careers include GE, Duracell, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and many more.

Can Students Earn an MBA at Florida Tech?

After receiving their bachelor of finance degree, many graduates continue their education at Florida Tech to receive a Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. This advanced education of high-level knowledge may be completed in two years or less and provides a range of skills to meet the challenges of today’s complete global business environment. The program combines academic principles with practical, real-world applications to result in a solid business foundation.