Master's in Teaching

Graduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate
Main Campus - Melbourne
2017-2018 Catalog
GCP Code: 8004 Degree Awarded: Graduate Certificate
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom Age Restriction: No
Admission Status: Graduate Location(s): Main Campus - Melbourne, Professional Development

The graduate certificate is for students seeking an alternative route to professional certification in Florida. This certificate program is a subset of the MAT degree program and is designed for individuals who hold bachelor's degrees in content areas and are current teachers with 3-year temporary teaching certificates. It consists of six graduate courses that prepare teachers for state certification. The certificate may be completed in two regular terms and a summer session. The credit hours may be applied within five years of completion to the MAT.

Admission Requirements

An applicant must have a bachelor's degree in mathematics or science, or in an area in which state certification is sought, from an accredited college or university, and be currently teaching with temporary certification.

Certificate Requirements

The Graduate Certificate requires passing the six courses (18 credit hours) listed below with a grade point average of at least 3.0. All courses must be taken at Florida Tech.

  • EDS 5051 Methods and Management of Middle and Secondary School Teaching
    Credit Hours: 3
    Students demonstrate methods of classroom management that constitute effective teaching practice as defined by the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices.
  • EDS 5055 Foundations and Management of Classroom Instruction
    Credit Hours: 3
    Examines the contemporary field and foundations of education and the teaching profession. Includes the dynamics of school life, effective teaching practices, classroom management, ethical and legal issues facing teachers, economic and political issues, the history of American education, and educational reform.
  • EDS 5060 ESOL Teaching Strategies
    Credit Hours: 3
    Prepares future teachers with resources to promote cross-cultural awareness, language development and academic progress. Special attention to approaches, methodologies and techniques designed for limited English proficient children that help all students achieve success in content areas.
  • EDS 5067 Measurement and Evaluation
    Credit Hours: 3
    Includes the foundations of educational measurement and evaluation, the techniques of educational measurement, the presentation and analysis of data collected through measurement and the application of measurement and evaluation.
  • EDS 5135 Reading in the Content Area
    Credit Hours: 3
    Students develop strategies for designing lessons that will lead middle and high school students to become active readers, engaged in the process of learning with textbooks as well as supplemental materials. Explores how to create active learning environments in which students know how, when and why to use all modes of language to learn.
Select one course:
  • EDS 5071 Methods and Strategies of Teaching Middle and High School Science
    Credit Hours: 3
    Investigates the principles, skills and methods of teaching science at the middle and secondary school level. Emphasizes the laboratory-centered inquiry approach.
  • EDS 5072 Methods and Strategies of Teaching Middle and High School Mathematics
    Credit Hours: 3
    Investigates the principles, skills and methods of teaching mathematics at the middle and secondary school level. Emphasizes application and practice with a hands-on discovery approach.
  • EDS 5073 Methods and Strategies for Teaching Specific Middle and High School Content
    Credit Hours: 3
    Investigates the principles, skills and methods of teaching specific secondary content at the middle and high school levels.
Total Credits Required: 18

*Curriculum guided by state requirements and subject to change.