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Master's in Biochemistry at Florida Tech

Train for a Career in Medicine or Pharmaceutical Research

Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary field and the foundation of biology, medicine and pharmacology. Medical research relies on biochemistry to identify the pathology of diseases and understand how our bodies react and change at the cellular level. Called the "chemistry of life," biochemists delve into the complex, chemical reactions that occur inside living organisms such as the study of amino acids and proteins, sugars or DNA and RNA.

With a master's in biochemistry from Florida Tech, graduates obtain expertise to enter challenging careers in medicine, veterinary medicine, blood analysis, detection of biomarkers for early disease diagnosis and pharmaceutical research. In addition, the American Chemical Society accredits the master's in biochemistry program.

World Class Faculty

Florida Tech has an active faculty who are involved in research and teaching. Small class sizes and an environment of mentorship encourage students seeking a master's in biochemistry to engage in unique research exploration. Several professors are studying various aspects of biochemistry including biophysical measurements involving proteins, various imaging and spectroscopic methods of analysis of biological molecules, as well as cures and treatment for Alzheimer's, Cancer, Asthma, Age-related Macular Degeneration and diseases of the brain.

Top Tier Research Institution

Florida Tech is a top-tier research institution with state-of-the-art facilities and the latest in scientific technology. Research is the heart and soul of the master's in biochemistry program, providing students the chance to focus on biochemistry research topics of their choice.

Pairing classroom learning with hands-on research reflects what students in the master's in biochemistry program can expect in career settings. Working hand-in-hand with professors from the chemistry and biology departments, students are immersed in field work, lab work, instrument analysis and research that enhances society's understanding of disease pathology, neurological disorders, DNA replication, biotechnology, toxicology and more. External research collaborations can lead to research around the world on topics such as degenerative diseases, vision, cancer, neuroscience and more.

Florida Tech Graduates are In Demand

Employers that have recruited Florida Tech students with a master's in biochemistry include Intel, Merck, Andean Biodiversity Consortium and various universities. Careers in biochemistry are projected to increase 19% through the next ten years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Earn an Advanced Degree

After receiving a master's in biochemistry from Florida Tech, many graduates choose to continue their research in a doctoral program. Not only does this program further student research activities, but it also increases lifelong career earning potential.