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Master's in Interdisciplinary Science at Florida Tech

Customize Curriculum in Science, Technology Engineering, Math and Business

As science, technology and business continue to blend, employers are looking for candidates who understand complex technical and scientific concepts to solve today's integrated industry challenges. The master's in interdisciplinary science degree prepares students for this rapidly changing work environment by further developing their scientific expertise, professional communication skills and business acumen.

Courses in the master's in interdisciplinary science program, selected from science, engineering and non-technical fields (such as business, arts and humanities), prepare graduates for leadership positions in a variety of interdisciplinary science careers. Florida Tech's reputation for excellence in science and engineering education, as well as its prominent business management program, exceeds expectations for a high-quality academic experience.

Specialized Curriculum

Students in the master's in interdisciplinary science program build their own, highly individualized Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum tailored for their intended career path, interacting with students and professors from many disciplines. Florida Tech's PRISM program encourages students to broaden their thinking and their skillset to approach complex problems in new ways and collaborate with professionals from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds.

Faculty Who Are Leaders in the Industry

Students in the master's in interdisciplinary science program work with faculty in any of the five colleges at Florida Tech (Aeronautics, Business, Engineering, Psychology & Liberal Arts, or Science), depending on their individual degree concentration. Florida Tech professors are thought-leaders in their fields – respected textbook authors whose research has been cited in academic and professional publications. They have also served as subject matter experts for well-known media outlets including National Geographic Television and Magazine, CNN, The Discovery Channel, National Public Radio (NPR) and newspapers around the world.

Research Opportunities

Thesis and non-thesis options are available in the master's in interdisciplinary science program. Because of the personalized nature of the program, students work with an advisor and a professor to choose a thesis research topic. Florida Tech is home to more than 25 research centers and institutes, as well as high-tech laboratories and machine shops that cater to the interdisciplinary nature of many degree programs.


Employers seek out graduates with a master's in interdisciplinary science degree from Florida Tech because of the broad skillset and interpersonal skills Florida Tech graduates possess. Interdisciplinary science graduates work for science, technology and management organizations that need managers who can lead scientific and technical teams. Many students continue into the military or further their education with a specialized doctoral degree. Organizations that have recruited Florida Tech students include General Electric, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, NASA, Harris Corporation and the U.S. Marine Corps.