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Master's in Software Engineering at Florida Tech

Manage the Development, Maintenance and Evolution of Software

Software engineering experts are in demand and will likely continue to be in demand as the technology-focused business environment expands. Software engineers are the creative minds that analyze the needs of computer users in order to design and develop software applications to answer these needs. Software engineers are problem solvers who are building the digital landscape, creating everything from operating systems, Internet browsers and apps to applications that run machinery, assembly lines, ATM machines and specialized business processes.

A master’s in software engineering from Florida Tech provides graduates with a comprehensive background in mathematics, computer science and computer organization in order to become a software engineer. This degree gives students a disciplined, systematic approach to the field so they can implement and manage the development, maintenance and evolution of software products.

Recognized Leader in Engineering Education

Florida Tech has long been recognized for the vast research opportunities available to students as part of its engineering education program. The master’s in software engineering degree combines classroom learning with hands-on field work similar to the challenges facing the industry, which provides students a chance to develop imaginative solutions to complex engineering problems.

Experienced Faculty & Professional Learning Environment

The Florida Tech learning environment is designed for collaborative study, giving those graduate students who are already industry professionals an advanced program of study they can apply to their work. Students earning a master’s in software engineering have access to state-of-the-art computing laboratories and a full suite of software development tools, including the software evolution lab, where they can further their expertise and do advanced research. The faculty at Florida Tech brings years of industry experience to the classroom, providing master’s in software engineering degree students with real-world understanding of the field.


Being a top tier research university ensures that when students graduate, they have first-hand experience analyzing, developing and testing software systems. As a master’s in software engineering student, graduates study topics such as computer security, software product design, maintenance and more. In addition, the Harris Institute brings together computer science, psychology, business and biology to carry out cutting-edge research in computer security.

Doctoral Program

Students can continue their academic career by earning a doctorate degree from Florida Tech. Graduates can advance research begun while studying for a master’s in software engineering and upon graduation, increase their career-long earning potential. For full-time doctoral graduate research assistants, tuition scholarships are available. 

Exciting Careers

Graduates with a master’s degree in software engineering are needed in nearly every sector of the economy around the globe. Electronic Arts, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, GE and Zynga are just a few of the companies where Florida Tech graduates have started their careers. Popular career choices include engineering jobs in aerospace, automotive, medical, government agencies and the nuclear industry. As a Florida Tech graduate with a master’s in software engineering, students posses interdisciplinary skills and knowledge that is in demand by employers.