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Master's in Applied Mathematics At Florida Tech

Qualify for High-Tech Jobs Using An Interdisciplinary Program

Today's societal needs and problems are heavily dependent on mathematical and statistical tools. With a master's in applied mathematics from Florida Tech, graduates use their mathematical expertise with other disciplines (science, engineering, economics, medicine, and finance) to solve multifaceted challenges such as weather and climate conditions, the complexities of network analysis, changes in biodiversity, crime statistics, traffic jams and more.

Graduate students seeking a master's in applied mathematics are continual problem solvers who train themselves to continually ask "how?"

  • How can automotive systems become more efficient?
  • How might disease spread in populated areas in the event of bioterrorism?
  • How can we model the spread of fire depending on weather, ground cover and types of trees?

It is this kind of scientific exploration, combined with customized interdisciplinary training that gives students such a variety of career opportunities.

Customize A Career Direction

Graduate students work closely with the faculty and undergraduate students to gain experience in research, teaching and undergraduate training. A majority of the faculty has expertise in applied and computational mathematics and statistics. Co-supervisors from related departments such as engineering or science, collaborate with students when completing an interdisciplinary project.

Beyond the necessary core courses required, students seeking a master's in applied mathematics have the flexibility of forming a custom-made curriculum based on their research interests and future career goals. They graduate with the ability to understand and articulate solutions in a variety of fields, giving them an advantage when communicating with research and science funding agencies and employers. After receiving a master's in applied mathematics, many graduates also choose a doctoral program at Florida Tech.

Gain Practical Experience

Because graduates with a master's in applied mathematics typically are employed in scientific, engineering, business or government environments, hands-on practical experience is an important aspect of the program at Florida Tech. Research projects at Florida Tech vary from real life challenges, which you might find in a job, to theoretical problems that contribute to the field. Students take part in research projects with faculty and fellow graduate students in many different disciplines of mathematics, as well as areas of science, engineering, medicine and business through interdisciplinary teams. Graduate students have an opportunity for internship positions and teaching assistantships.

State of the Art Facilities

Florida Tech's Mathematical Sciences Department offers master's in applied mathematics candidates' state-of-the-art computer labs furnished with Mathematica, MATLAB, R, Sage, SPSS and Microsoft Office. In addition, the department is the home to the university's parallel computing lab, and a new computational mathematics and statistics research lab that includes a state-of-the-art 55" touchscreen Mondopad.


Graduates with a master's in applied mathematics work in a variety of industries including government labs and research agencies, medical device manufacturers, chemical companies, electronics firms, and aerospace companies. Florida Tech's customizable curriculum makes it easy for graduates to become experts in a specialized field, making them even more attractive to employers. Companies that have recruited Florida Tech students include Harris Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, DRS Optronics, Kennedy Space Center, NASA, and the Space Telescopic Science Institute.