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Master's in Operations Research At Florida Tech

Choose an Interdisciplinary Field Combining Math and Business

Operations research analysts work with an organization to help improve its overall business operations. They create mathematical models to examine data that helps a business improve its efficiency, asset management, policies and operational decision-making.

Florida Tech's master's in operations research degree is one of the few in the nation. With a strong emphasis on mathematics and stochastic theory, this interdisciplinary field overlaps mathematics with other disciplines such as industrial design and operations management. Students tailor their degree to their particular interests and career path. In addition to the master's in operations research, Florida Tech also offers a doctoral program in the field.

Since its inception, the concept of operations research has been widely applied by industry and government in making decisions about the use of resources and in solving problems involving complex design, allocation, planning and logistics. Graduate students interested in a master's in operations research are trained to use mathematical computer modeling, simulation tests and optimization to forecast the implications of various business management choices and identify the best possible alternatives.

Florida Tech Develops Future Leaders

Florida Tech has educated NASA scientists, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and highly decorated military generals using rigorous curriculum and robust research experiences. Students in the master's in operations research program prepare for their careers using the latest body of knowledge in the industry and excellent research facilities to conduct state-of-the-art research.

Collaborative Learning Experience

Small class sizes allow for individualized attention and collaborative research opportunities not only with fellow graduate students, but also with undergrads, faculty and local experts. Florida Tech operations research professors are involved in various interdisciplinary research projects and collaborate with professionals in medicine, computer science, engineering and life sciences. Students in the master's in operations research program are encouraged to publish their research findings in reputable journals, as well as present and attend seminars to further enhance their experience. The curriculum is constructed of course study in:

  • Deterministic operations research models
  • Stochastic operations research models
  • Mathematical programming
  • Applied statistical analysis
  • Theory of stochastic processes
  • Numerical linear algebra
  • Discrete system simulation

Research Opportunities

Graduate students in the master's in operations research program participate in interdisciplinary projects involving optimization and optimal control, stochastic models, inverse problems in modeling, image processing, data mining, game theory, financial mathematics and statistics. Under the supervision of a faculty advisor, students are given the opportunity to mentor undergraduate students through a senior design project, participate in consulting projects for various local companies, get involved in funded research projects as research assistants and participate in an internship or teaching assistantship.

Facilities & Resources

The operations research lab gives students earning a master's in operations research access to a high-tech learning and research environment, equipped with a SmartBoard, laser printer, high-resolution camera and cutting-edge software packages.


Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the master's in operations research degree, graduates can consider a variety of career options upon graduation. When choosing the field of financial mathematics, graduates pursue positions in the finance industry or with consulting companies, while students with a focus on statistics and data mining seek opportunities in pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and other various industries. Employers who have hired Florida Tech students include Harris Corp., Northrop Grumman, General Electric and the Federal Aviation Administration.