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Interdisciplinary Science Research

Advanced Models, Analysis and Simulations Develop Professional Expertise

Through a variety of research opportunities, students develop proficiency in operations research approaches to analyze and solve problems such as the ones they might face in the workplace. Learning to apply curriculum knowledge and research methods to business environments includes scenarios such as:

  • Staff scheduling
  • Vehicle routing
  • Product distribution
  • Economic forecasting
  • Experiment design
  • Stock portfolio optimization

Core research models, analysis and simulations that develop this level of advanced expertise for operations research include:

  • Deterministic operations models
  • Stochastic operations models
  • Mathematical programming
  • Applied statistical analysis
  • Theory of stochastic processes
  • Numerical linear algebra
  • Discrete system simulation

In addition to the final projects in core courses, students participate in interdisciplinary projects involving optimization and optimal control, stochastic models, inverse problems in modeling, image processing, data mining, game theory, financial mathematics and statistics.

Publishing Opportunities

Graduate students are encouraged to publish the findings of their operations research in respected journals including:

  • Operations Research
  • Mathematical Programming
  • Annals of Operations Research
  • Management Science
  • Mathematics of Operations Research
  • Applied Discrete Math
  • Operations Research Letters
  • European Journal of Operations Research

Conferences also offer learning opportunities including INFORMS (Institute for Management Science and OR) and SIAM (Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics).

Internships & Assistantships

Eligible students are offered graduate student assistantships and teach various levels of undergraduate classes. Students also investigate internship opportunities to work as operations research analysts with different companies in finance, pharmaceuticals, insurance, government, or aircraft manufacturing.