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Florida Tech research

In Florida Tech's state-of-the-art facilities, students have opportunities to conduct research, and study in a great number of research institutes, centers and major laboratories.

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Engineering Management Training

Research and Internships That Reflect Real-World Situations

One thing that makes Florida Tech so unique is the hands-on experience each degree program provides. With hands-on experience such as mentorship from professors who are experienced engineers and leaders themselves, insight from business leaders in the area, research projects, assistantships or internships, Florida Tech Master of Engineering Management graduates are more valuable prospects to hire and more prepared to lead.


Team assignments are an effective format to explore practical industry projects and problems, providing the type of engineering management training that translates to the work graduates will do in their career. The curriculum gives students a chance to tackle engineering projects beyond the theoretical, to show their own unique insight and perspective.

Research is undertaken through in-class projects, special independent study topics and master's theses. This perspective on engineering management training sets up an environment for students to advance their technical expertise, develop leadership skills, expand their business acumen and interact in a global community. Depending upon the student's inclination and interest, labs are available to conduct experiments. The Information Characterization & Exploitation (ICE) lab and Engineering Systems Lab are examples of College of Engineering labs students may find helpful for their engineering management training.

Research includes such example topics as:

  • Quality engineering
  • Project engineering
  • Engineering operations and logistics
  • Technology commercialization
  • Game theory

Engineering Internships

Internships and assistantships are available for students to enhance their engineering management training. The department offers these opportunities to deserving students based on internally established criteria. Occasional internships are available to eligible students in local corporations.

While completing engineering internships and assistantships, students discover potential career paths and develop professional relationships that could lead to employment. Because Florida Tech is located amidst the nation's fourth largest high-tech work force, experiences such as these are a valuable tool for career advancement.