F.W. Olin Engineering Complex

F.W. Olin Engineering Complex

Olin Engineering, a three-story building, holds a 142-seat multimedia auditorium as well as 26 specialized research teaching laboratories. This is the academic hub to the university's renowned College of Engineering.

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Downtown Melbourne

Just minutes down the road from campus is the heart of historic downtown Melbourne. It's an eclectic riverside main street offering a variety of restaurants, cafes, clothiers, gift shops and clubs.

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Choose Florida Tech for an Engineering Management Degree

Located In Florida's High-Tech Corridor

We have more than 30 years of experience educating engineering management professionals and our location on the Space Coast's high-tech corridor provides main-campus students with opportunities to interact with some of the most respected names in technology, such as NASA. Plus, Florida Tech's flexible course offerings and evening class hours make balancing professional and academic obligations more convenient.

Experienced Faculty

Professors in the engineering management degree program bring years of industry experience to the classroom, providing students with a real-world understanding of the engineering environment and they issues they face in their careers. Actively engaged in the community serving as consultants, professors create a professional learning environment for engineering management degree students, focused on current engineering issues. Through their active research projects, professors publish journal articles and conference papers on topics such as engineering process optimization, multi-national engineering project management and work group formation and performance prediction.

A Culture that Develops Leaders

Students earning a master's in engineering management degree find a learning culture that supports individual creativity, leadership and team building, while fostering ethical decision-making and diversity. With a culture consisting of students who may already be working professionals, professors who teach their real-world experience and an international student base with diverse engineering backgrounds, Florida Tech's Master's in Engineering Management gives students a unique blend of engineering and business expertise that sets them up for success.

High-Tech Research Facilities

Florida Tech's research university status ensures that main-campus engineering management degree students have the tools and facilities they need to conduct research in their preferred area of engineering management. Florida Tech's advanced research centers and laboratories are home to essential engineering equipment and software in nanotechnology, energy, materials and more.

An Emphasis on Research

Team assignments are an essential part of the engineering management degree program. Students tackle problems and challenges that are not merely theoretical in nature, but which are practical issues regularly encountered in industry. This team-oriented approach provides students with the opportunity to bring their own unique insights and expertise to the group. In-class projects, special independent study topics and master's theses are all part of the curriculum.

Excellent Career Preparation

While many of our engineering management students are currently employed and are pursuing their engineering management degree to enhance their management skills at their current position, 90% of job-searching graduates land a job within three months after graduation. Engineering management graduates are immediately ready to step into leading work teams in high-tech firms or advance in their current position. Lead engineer, technical supervisor, project manager, or upper management – these are the types of careers graduates can look forward to with a Master's in Engineering Management.