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Information Assurance Jobs

Nearly Every Firm and Government Entity Needs Cybersecurity Experts

Advanced expertise in information assurance and cybersecurity is in demand. Information assurance and cybersecurity covers a broad spectrum in private companies, government entities and military institutions around the world. Individuals that choose this career will find their knowledge and job duties frequently changing in order to keep up with constant changes in security and cyber attack tactics in order to protect an organization's computer networks and systems.

Students who graduate with a master's degree in information assurance and cybersecurity from Florida Tech are likely to use their expertise in information assurance jobs to:

  • Research and plan security strategies and carry out implementation
  • Establish emergency protocols
  • Monitor their organization's networks for security breaches, investigate the system when one occurs and respond to prevent further attacks
  • Manage software installs, firewalls and data encryption programs
  • Conduct penetration testing and analyze the results to further improve safeguards in place
  • Research the computer environment to be aware of threats and how to combat cyber attacks
  • Manage a disaster recovery plan

Career Outlook

Cybersecurity and information assurance jobs are projected to grow 37 percent from 2012 – 2022 – much faster than most occupations. This demand is driven by the frequency and sophistication of cyber attackers who continue to develop and adapt ways to steal personal information, infiltrate corporate networks, divert financial transactions and corrupt the equipment of anyone using a computer network. In addition, an increase in cloud computing and mobile platforms demands companies consult with or employ computer security experts. Experts in cybersecurity will also find information assurance jobs in areas where privacy is critical such as healthcare, government, and the military.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), provides detailed information about hundreds of occupations, including, desired education, overall working environment and employment prospects. Check the handbook about information assurance and cybersecurity jobs.

Information Assurance Jobs

  • Computer Security Specialist
  • Computer Forensic Investigator
  • Computer Network Defense Engineer
  • Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • Security Operations Manager
  • Cybercrime Technology Director
  • Chief Information Security Officer

Similar jobs might include:

  • Computer and information research scientist
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Computer Programmers
  • Software Developers
  • Web Developers

Salary Expectations

Salaries for information assurance jobs or positions in cybersecurity vary widely depending on location, job title and industry. Information assurance and cybersecurity experts are most often found in finance and insurance, information technology, computer systems design and management of private companies.

Entry-level salary projections reported by PayScale.com do not list cybersecurity specifically, but the list does show information technology and information systems with entry-level salaries starting at $49,700 and $50,900 respectively. These careers have an opportunity to grow to $81,300 and $86,700 respectively.

PayScale.com is an online salary information company that provides accurate real-time information on job market compensation.