Master of Education At Florida Tech

Teach Using Advanced Management and Assessment Methods

A master of education degree from Florida Tech provides classroom teachers at any level with advanced teaching, management, testing and assessment skills in the educational environment. By studying effective methodology, theory, materials and learning styles, graduates become more effective instructors and administrators who inspire and mentor students.

Florida Tech’s program ensures graduates are well-rounded professionals, prepared for a variety of educational careers. With curriculum that complements and builds on previous study and classroom experience, the program includes study in theories and trends in education and educational statistics.

Experienced Faculty

Graduate students at Florida Tech learn from a diverse and experienced team of educational professionals. Educators in mathematics, science, environmental education and educational technology, the faculty has teaching experience spanning elementary through post-secondary classrooms. They are nationally recognized researchers who are active publishers of hundreds of articles in top journals in the field. A small student-to-teacher ratio allows professors to mentor students and create a close-knit academic environment. 

Flexible Schedule For Working Professionals

Florida Tech accommodates the schedules of working teachers by offering the master of education program in the evening or summer. The program is challenging, and at the same time supportive of a professional community where teachers collaborative and gain a deeper understanding of the wealth of experience – from area educators and those students attending Florida Tech from around the globe. Master of education students also tailor research projects and elective courses around what interests them most for the career path they desire.


Research is a unique experience of both learning and teaching. As a leading research university, Florida Tech is committed to advancing ideas in research and providing the opportunity for teachers to test new teaching styles and use new content and materials in their classrooms. Professors work alongside students to choose from either thesis and non-thesis research topics to match a preferred study curriculum and build methods of evaluation. Additionally, students earning a master of education can work with state organizations in STEM areas of interest as well as with other professional educational organizations to build their expertise. 

Doctoral Program

Students looking to advance their science education expertise and continue their research can pursue a doctoral program to earn an Ed.S. or Ph.D. in education. For full-time doctoral graduate research assistants, full-pay scholarships are available.


Graduates with a master of education find rewarding careers as science and general education teachers in formal classroom K-12 or post-secondary settings. Additional career opportunities are available outside the classroom including information teaching positions in zoos and aquariums, national parks and reserves, libraries and after school programs, government agencies and more. Graduates also become principals of charter schools, science lab program coordinators or subject matter experts who develop teacher professional development programs.