Master's Of Education Research

Get Published and Present Research at Professional Conferences

Preparing graduate students for a career in education involves not just classroom study, but also experiences that enhance and develop their skills beyond the curriculum including internships, research and exposure to professional association meetings and conferences. Florida Tech offers these types of experiences to give every student a hands-on way to prepare for their future career.


Graduates in the education program conduct extensive education research on relevant topics in the field, as well as develop further understanding in their own particular area of interest. Education research also promotes collaboration with fellow students and professors. Topics are chosen for a thesis or non-thesis degree and can include an issue in their current teaching position or one that matches a student’s preferred curriculum.

Students are encouraged to submit their research findings for publication in professional journals and/or presenting at professional annual meetings, including national and state STEM organizations and other professional education organizations related to a student’s subject matter and grade-level interest. This might include:

  • National Science Teachers Association
  • Southern Association for Science Teacher Education
  • National Association for Research in Science Teaching

Excellent Research Facilities

State-of-the-art facilities make it possible for students to excel in their study and research efforts and Florida Tech makes sure students have access to the best. The F. W. Olin Physical Sciences Center (and Instrumentation Center) and the F.W. Olin Life Sciences Building, computer laboratories and other resources give students the tools they need to succeed. Florida Tech is also located near thousands of high tech companies and research centers that often give students access to additional cutting-edge equipment and research opportunities.