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Choose Florida Tech For a Master of Education Degree

Access to Tools, Resources and Expert Faculty in An Intimate Environment

Florida Tech’s education program offers students a unique curriculum that blends educational content, teaching methodology and management expertise. Students who obtain a master of education degree show future employers that they are devoted to their career and interested in working with peers and experts in the field with a range of teaching and administrative experience.

Guided by an experienced faculty of researchers working on the topics most affecting education today, students prepare for careers in every level of classroom teaching and administration.

Flexible, Close-Knit Academic Program

Teachers have demanding schedules and Florida Tech accommodates them with classes in the evening and summer. Students also have access to the tools, resources and expert faculty they expect to find at a larger university in a smaller, more intimate college environment – a big reason to choose Florida Tech for a master of education. This close-knit academic community boasts small teacher-to-student ratios where professors mentor and collaborate with students. The faculty members actively engage in educational research, have thousands of published citations and hundreds of articles in top journals in the field. Students are encouraged to participate in national and international conferences and publish their own research analysis.

Research Opportunities

Graduate students earning a master of education degree use research opportunities to develop learning, teaching, management and assessment expertise. Research is a top priority at Florida Tech, providing students with a myriad of options to not only customize their research projects to their areas of interest, but also provide opportunities to work with state and professional organizations and local companies. The university offers state-of-the-art research facilities, computer labs and resources on and off campus.

Great Florida Location

Students from around the world choose Florida Tech for a master of education degree for its strategic location to coastal environments, research centers, a large high-tech workforce and year round warm weather. This diverse student population and professional atmosphere leads to life-long professional mentors, friendships and career opportunities.

Doctoral Program

Students looking to further their expertise in education and conduct advanced research pursue an Ed.S. or Ph.D. in education. For full-time doctoral graduate research assistants, full-pay scholarships are available.


With a master of education degree, graduates find positions as primary, secondary or post-secondary education teachers or administrators. They may also find work in informal teaching environments such as government organizations, laboratories, libraries, summer camp or after school programs, public education programs, curriculum development and more.