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Master's in Mathematics Education At Florida Tech

Advance Classroom Teaching Expertise in Math

Students who earn a Master’s in Mathematics Education at Florida Tech equip themselves with the knowledge necessary for classroom teaching and supervisory roles in education. Because mathematics is the foundation for innovation and how we interact with the world around us, mathematics educators are a vital link to inspire new generations of creative thinkers to choose mathematics for their chosen career.

Learning Environment

A master’s in mathematics education from Florida Tech ensures graduates have the problem-solving skills and advanced knowledge of the frameworks and theories of mathematics teaching they need to prepare future generations for complex math-based careers. Students acquire a firm understanding of theory and application of scientific methods to mathematics instruction and educational research. This includes innovative instructional techniques such as interdisciplinary and modeling approaches.

Flexible Program for Working Professionals

The master’s in mathematics education program accommodates working professionals, offering classes in the evenings. Florida Tech’s internationally diverse student body provides many opportunities for students to collaborate and form long-lasting friendships. Students can expect interdisciplinary instruction and working closely with professors.   


As a leading research university, graduate students earning a master’s in mathematics education work with faculty to design, conduct and report educational research, curriculum assessment and evaluation studies. Discovering new ways of teaching content in a variety of areas while learning advanced concepts is combined with access to cutting-edge researchers in their scientific discipline to collaborate on innovative instructional strategies. Research projects at Florida Tech vary from real life challenges students might find on the job to theoretical challenges and their solutions that contribute to the field.


Florida Tech's Mathematical Sciences Department offers master’s in mathematics education candidates’ state-of-the-art computer labs furnished with Mathematica, MATLAB, R, Sage, SPSS and Microsoft Office.  In addition, the department is the home to the university's parallel computing lab and a new computational mathematics and statistics research lab that includes a state-of-the-art 55” touchscreen Mondopad.

Faculty of Nationally Recognized Researchers

Faculty members in the master’s in mathematics education department are engaged in a wide variety of projects in collaboration with other faculty, within Florida Tech, nationally and internationally. Professors actively participate in educational research, consistently publish in top-tier journals and encourage students to participate in national and international conferences alongside them. With hundreds of published research papers, books and over 10,000 citations, Florida Tech’s education faculty members are nationally recognized researchers providing major contributions to their field.

Doctoral Programs

Students can further their education and expertise at Florida Tech with a Ph.D. in mathematics education. Research assistantships are available for qualified students.


Furthering existing careers as teachers in K-12 or post-secondary education is just one benefit of a master’s in mathematics education. Many students use their special interest and advanced knowledge in the field to work as mathematics specialists for teaching teams or mathematics curriculum specialists in supervisory roles that assists classroom teachers as subject matter specialists.  Other related careers include educational statistician, intervention specialist, assessment developer, and more.