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Space Systems Training Internships and Research

Space Mission Design Project Simulates Industry Challenges

Master's level space systems training at Florida Tech involves an integrated, interdisciplinary educational approach aimed at preparing graduates for a variety of science and engineering disciplines within the space industry. The university believes in developing graduates for success, ready to work in leadership roles at the world's most innovative space companies, using their skills and expertise to effect change and envision the future.

With the space-related competencies gained in the program, students also have an opportunity to participate in two different activities that provide insight into the type of work they will do once employed.

  1. Space Mission Design Project – This one-semester team design project includes four student colleagues, supervised by the program's faculty – who are all professionals in the space industry. Students collaborate to develop a technical proposal in response to a Request for Proposal as if they were to be the named contractor for a specific space-related mission. Acting as the Source Selection Official, the instructor develops the activity to simulate real-world challenges faced by modern space systems professionals.
  2. Publish Industry Papers - Space systems training at Florida Tech also provides an opportunity to submit research and expertise on industry topics to magazines and journals read by space professionals including New Space Journal and the International Journal of Space Technology Management and Innovation. Students may also consider presentation at the AIAA Small Satellite Conference.
  3. Real-World Experience – Part of the experience at Florida Tech involves an opportunity to gain assistantships at NASA, Space X and other commercial space companies.

Students with space systems training from Florida Tech can expect to plan, design, build, integrate, test launch, operate and manage space systems, subsystems, launch vehicles, spacecraft, payload or ground systems.