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Choose Florida Tech For a Space Systems Degree

A Leader in Educating Space Professionals for More Than 50 Years

Originally founded to support NASA's space exploration missions, Florida Tech has been a leader in educating professionals in the space industry for more than 55 years. Studying at Florida Tech puts students in the heart of where space exploration began and where the next generation of space is unfolding today. The space systems degree program ensures that graduates are equipped with the skills they need to gain leadership positions in the industry's leading government and private space companies to find improved ways to explore space.

A Culture of Leadership

Florida Tech's reputation as a university committed to excellence and the development of future leaders is evident in its quality curriculum, world-class faculty, real-world research and internship opportunities, capstone design projects, flexible class schedules and online learning environments.
Florida Tech's culture embraces multinational diversity, ethics and leadership. Master's and doctoral students are often sought-after graduates for jobs in leading Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Curriculum That Transfers to the Workplace

Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the space systems degree program combines curriculum relevant to today's innovative space technology companies with a faculty recognized for both academic and industry achievement. An interdisciplinary learning environment that includes hands-on experience in the field at the birthplace of space creates a superior space systems degree program unmatched in the country.

Florida Tech professors have over twenty years of experience in the space industry and are working professionals in the field, providing unique insight into the current issues and developments happening in space such as propulsion, celestial mechanics, human space exploration, and communications. As some students may already be working in the industry, students forge relationships that become career-long colleagues.

Flexible Learning Environment

Students seeking a space systems degree can choose to attend class at the Spaceport Graduate Center near Kennedy Space Center during convenient evening classes, or take advantage of the flexible virtual classroom online.

Students who choose the Spaceport Graduate Center learn in small class sizes taught by expert faculty who mentor students for success. In the space systems degree program, there are opportunities for assistantships at NASA or other commercial space companies at Kennedy Space Center to conduct space system design and operations work.


An MS space systems degree allows students to enhance their career in government or commercial space programs, engineering firms and various high-tech companies. Employers such as Boeing, SpaceX, NASA, Naval Research Lab, Lockheed-Martin and others have hired graduates from Florida Tech, and two graduates became NASA astronauts. This showcases the breadth and depth of the program and the resulting success that students may experience.