Commercial Enterprise in Space Career Options

Work in Project Management, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management

Graduates from Florida Tech seeking a commercial enterprise in space career can find a variety of technical and managerial positions in private or public sector organizations. This includes positions in space technology management, innovation, national security, international law and treaties and human space flight.

Career Outlook

A commercial enterprise in space career could involve managing technical teams at engineering firms and high tech companies, supervising design and production teams related to space systems, spacecraft or ground systems, project management of communications and data systems and more.

Managerial careers are found in every segment of the economy, as managers are needed to effectively run a company and deliver products and services. The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), predicts that careers in management, like a commercial enterprise in space career, will grow 11 percent through 2022, driven generally by the formation of new organizations and expansion of existing companies. As changes in space exploration and travel continue to develop, competition for executive level jobs should remain strong. Graduates will also find jobs in aerospace, technical companies and engineering firms.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides detailed information on a number of positions related to commercial enterprise in space jobs, including entry-level education, overall working environment and employment prospects.

Commercial Enterprise in Space Careers

Graduates from Florida Tech have been hired by private and government organizations, including Harris Corporation, Boeing, the U.S. military, the European Space Agency, Federal Aviation Agency and NASA, among others. Two graduates of the program have become astronauts. Other career options include positions such as:

  • Project Manager 
  • Senior Quality and Design Assurance Manager 
  • Space Systems Program Manager 
  • Space Systems Architect 
  • Operations Manager 
  • Launch Systems Manager 
  • Business Development Manager 
  • Technology Program Manager 
  • Safety & Risk Manager 
  • Ground Systems Manager

Salary Expectations

Entry-level salaries for a commercial enterprise in space career varies based on a number of factors including industry, company size, location and job responsibilities. This particular career is also a niche area that provides the graduate with a unique competitive position. In addition to the wages individuals earn, master's degree graduates often earn other compensation such as stock options, performance bonuses, expense allowances and company-paid benefits. Visit to search for information on the technology and space management positions to learn more about salary potential.