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Choose Florida Tech For A Commercial Enterprise in Space Program

Merging Space Systems and Business Leadership

Originally founded to support NASA's space exploration missions, Florida Tech has been a leader in educating professionals in engineering, technology and space for more than 55 years. Graduates who receive a master's degree in the commercial enterprise in space program have the skills and expertise they need to secure leadership positions in government or commercial space programs, engineering firms and high-tech companies.

A Culture of Leadership

Florida Tech's reputation as a university committed to excellence and the development of future leaders is evident in its quality curriculum, world-class faculty, real-world research opportunities, capstone design projects, flexible class schedules and online learning environments. With the working professional in mind, the commercial enterprise in space program curriculum provides the type of real-world challenges students might encounter on the job. Graduates are the caliber of sought-after professionals that leading Fortune 500 companies around the globe look to hire.

Curriculum That Transfers to the Workplace

The commercial enterprise in space program combines curriculum relevant to today's innovative engineering, technology and commercial space companies with high-level business-related competencies critical for effective managers. With a faculty recognized for both academic and industry achievement, this interdisciplinary learning environment maximizes the diverse professional backgrounds of its students and professors to create meaningful learning experiences.

Florida Tech professors in the commercial enterprise in space program have over twenty years of experience in the space industry and are working professionals in the field, providing unique insight into the current issues and developments happening in space exploration, human spaceflight, security, technology and innovation.

Flexible Learning Environment

Students seeking a master's degree through Florida Tech's commercial enterprise in space program can choose to earn their degree online through our Virtual Site, or attend class at the Spaceport location at Kennedy Space Center, FL.


Graduates earning a master's degree in the commercial enterprise in space program are able to advance in their existing career with new space and technology managerial expertise. Employers such as Boeing, SpaceX, NASA, Naval Research Lab and Lockheed-Martin are also interested in finding experts in the field who use advanced technical and managerial skills to lead complex projects and initiatives.