Cross Culture Management Summit

The Cross Culture Management Summit is a place for students to work with global professionals on fixing real-world problems by using evidence-based practices. Florida Tech Industrial Organizational Psychology students serve on the summit organizing committee and are involved in all aspects of the event. 

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Master's Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Help Employers Better Hire and Manage Employees

Industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologists help organizations of all sizes and types better manage employees using evidence-based tactics and scientific research. Students delve into issues of critical relevance to today's businesses, including talent management, assessment, training and organizational development and work-life balance to give employers a greater understanding of how to assess, select, develop, manage and retain their most valuable assets. A master's degree in industrial organizational psychology prepares students to work and complete research in the complex arena of multinational organizations.

Respected Faculty – Low Student-to-Faculty Ratio

Florida Tech's low student-to-faculty ratio encourages students and professors to work together in a challenging and cooperative environment that encourages mentorship as well as individual creativity and leadership. In addition to leading research teams for students, Florida Tech faculty conduct research on varied topics with students earning a master's degree in industrial organizational psychology, including group trust, "computer-mediated" communication, employee engagement, self-regulation, and the effects of dishonesty in the hiring process.

Research Opportunities

Faculty and students work together to delve into I/O psychology research. Not only do students study team dynamics, but they also work in teams to apply coursework and research findings. Students join one of many different research teams, are encouraged to publish and present their research at conferences and are frequent authors and co-authors of manuscripts.

While working towards a master's degree in industrial organizational psychology students develop their expertise through class discussions of case studies, as well as consulting projects alongside businesses. This includes training and resources for international business from the Institute for Cross Cultural Management, where students research cultures from around the globe and design industry-specific training materials. The Center for Organizational Effectiveness is where students design programs for small business clients to Fortune 500 companies including talent management strategies, human capital measurement and more.

Diverse Career Options

Graduates with a master's degree in industrial organizational psychology from Florida Tech frequently pursue careers in business and consulting, while others enter research and academic organizations. Some of the many employers of Florida Tech alumni include:

  • Bank of America
  • Boeing
  • Disney
  • Google
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Walmart

Doctoral Program

Students with a master's degree in industrial organizational psychology can also pursue further study in the discipline by choosing to obtain a Ph.D. at Florida Tech. On average, graduates with a Ph.D. have higher salaries and employment rates than those with a master's or bachelor's degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Florida Tech also offers concentration in international I/O, focusing on cross-cultural theory, research design, international business and cultural competencies.