Cool Stuff: Golden Lessons for Fish

Florida Tech Psychology Goldfish Project

Goldfish dumb? No way, say Florida Tech psychology students who train them and treat them in Florida Tech's aquatic operant lab.

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Applied Behavior Analysis Training

Gain Real-World Experience at Scott Center for Autism

The mission of Florida Tech's applied behavior analysis training is to develop behavior-analytic practitioners and consultants who understand the basic principles of behavior analysis, contribute to behavioral research and attain BCBA certification ready to enter a doctoral program.

Applied behavior analysis training includes participation in behavior-based research projects under the mentorship of a faculty member. Many professors are published authors and experts on many facets of applied behavior analysis such as:

  • Behavioral economics
  • Token economies
  • Self-management
  • Sports psychology
  • Organizational behavior management

Some students participate in research on assessing and treatment behavior problems or teaching methods for individuals with disabilities. Faculty members conduct ongoing research at The Scott Center for Autism Treatment and are thought-leaders in the understanding of autism spectrum disorders. Many ABA students do their practicum work at this state-of-the-art facility.

Portfolio of Published Articles

Outside of research and internships, ABA students often publish research in respected ABA journals, including the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Analysis in Practice and Behavioral Interventions. Organizations and research centers located both on and off campus help students delve deeper into applied behavior analysis training, such as:

  • The Society for Performance Management – designed to facilitate up-to-date information on the newest research and practices professionals in the field perform.
  • Behavior Analysis Student Association – M.S. and Ph.D. students who meet regularly to discuss topics in behavior analysis and hold an annual conference on the field.
  • The Scott Center for Autism Treatment – specializes in working with children with autism and related disorders.
  • Florida Tech Continuing Education Office – professional development courses and certification programs online.