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Florida Tech Master's in ABA and OBM

Become a Licensed Behavioral Practitioner

This intensive Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) is essentially a double major, providing graduates with the skills, credentials and flexibility to lead clinical or managerial teams using a behavioral approach.

Developing as experts in both of these evolving fields, professionals can work directly with patients, consult in a corporate environment and combine the fields for a unique specialty. Blending the two programs into a master's in ABA and OBM gives students a wider range of expertise and potential careers. Florida Tech's master's in ABA and OBM program is among only a few in the world offering this degree option.

With a master's in ABA and OBM, graduates are equipped for different behavioral consults. Applied Behavior Analysts (ABAs) help to better the lives of children and adults struggling with behaviors ranging from difficulty with everyday social interactions to complex conditions such as autism spectrum disorders or substance abuse by applying a systematic scientific approach. Studying organizational behavior management also uses a scientific behavioral approach to address human behavior issues in the workplace, such as improving employee productivity and efficiency.

Respected Faculty – Close Knit Learning Environment

Students working towards a master's in ABA and OBM develop their expertise through class discussions of case studies, involvement in research and internship opportunities. Florida Tech has more ABA and OBM faculty than other universities, with all core faculty board certified behavior analysts.

Many professors are published authors and experts on many facets of ABA and OBM, such as behavioral economics, self-control, sports psychology, employee efficiency and others. Florida Tech professors are involved in ongoing research at The Scott Center for Autism Treatment, located at Florida Tech. Working alongside professors who provide one-on-one attention during research and client interaction, master's in ABA and OBM students earn visibility as a research professional and colleague able to study and work in the field.

Research Opportunities

Florida Tech's dedication to research and state-of-the-art facilities creates the perfect environment for students earning a master's in ABA and OBM. The Scott Center for Autism Treatment specializes in working with children with autism and related disorders and offers internship opportunities to many ABA and OBM students. The Society for Performance Management provides students with the opportunity to discuss, research and present projects on many areas of organizational behavior management. Combined with real-world internships where they can apply what they've learned, students earning a master's in ABA and OBM get a head start on building a portfolio of consulting experience.

Students are also given an opportunity to develop a portfolio of published work through organizations and research centers located both on and off campus. Florida Tech students have consistently published research in respected ABA journals.

Diverse Career Options

The ABA and OBM program offers daytime, evening and weekend class schedules. Students have access to a thriving medical community for internships and applied learning opportunities.

Because of the program's varying experience in clinical and business settings, graduates with a master's in ABA and OBM work in many different public and private organizations or combine the two for equally unique and rewarding opportunities. Some of the career areas graduates pursue include:

  • Business, nonprofit and government consulting
  • Safety improvement consulting
  • Teaching special education
  • Executive management
  • Managing a human service organization
  • Consulting to families and school districts

Doctoral Program

Graduates with a master's in ABA and OBM can also pursue further study in the discipline by choosing to obtain a Ph.D. at Florida Tech. Doctoral students receive significant assistantships from The Scott Center for Autism Treatment that cover the majority of their academic costs. Doctoral graduates often continue into academia as professors to teach the next generation of students.