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Global Strategic Communication Master's Program

Train for Varied Careers in Corporate Communications

The field of communication incorporates professionals who create news and information to push to the public (such as marketing and public relations practitioners) and people who deliver news and information (such as journalists, bloggers and public speakers). Global strategic communication master's programs train individuals for all of these communications careers, combining theory and document development in a wide variety of forms and styles.

Comprehensive Communication Foundation

A global strategic communication degree from Florida Tech stresses research-based papers, academic articles, formal reports and proposals; revising and editing technical, scientific and managerial documents; designing and publishing professional quality documents; and problem solving and communication-oriented decision making in collaborative team environments.

Florida Tech's global strategic communication master's programs has an open and interactive academic environment where students work closely with faculty and peers in a collaborative team setting. Course work covers all aspects of communication for a wide range of knowledge. Students participate in a multitude of communication projects and through Career Management Services, have access to numerous internship opportunities to gain hands-on experience to enhance their portfolio. Students can also choose to pursue a traditional, research-based thesis or a design project to explore a real-world business, industry, government or education topic.

International Student Body

Global strategic communication master's programs benefit from a diverse student body like the one at Florida Tech that represents more than 130 countries. The university's small classes, combined with one-on-one faculty-student mentorship, hands-on research projects and real-world case studies provides graduates with a high level of training and experience that employers find compelling. Florida Tech's faculty are active researchers, cited in well-known journals and experienced in the global communication issues.

Study Abroad

Global strategic communication master's programs prepare students to work in an international business community. Florida Tech offers students an opportunity to apply course work and immerse themselves in local culture by taking part in the Netherlands communication study abroad program. Housed at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, students enhance their cultural understanding of communication theory and engage with local business for a deeper understanding of corporate implementation.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of global strategic communication master's programs are prepared for a variety of positions including corporate communications, public information officer, technical writer and publicist, to name a few. Past graduates of the program are working for companies such as Harris Corp., Northrop Grumman and St. Jude Medical. Many graduates pursue positions at publishing companies, engineering and aviation firms, pharmaceutical companies and public relations firms.