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Master's in Meteorology Florida Tech

Become an Expert in Weather Research and Analysis

With a master's in meteorology from Florida Tech, students develop extensive knowledge in many areas of Earth science including weather forecasting, climatology, atmospheric dynamics, storms and hurricanes, atmospheric physics and global climate change. Graduate students with a master's in meteorology become experts in math and physics, gaining in-depth exposure to other science disciplines including oceanography, ocean engineering, environmental science, climate science and Earth remote sensing.

Because Florida Tech is located at the boundary between tropical and subtropical weather patterns in Florida, and Florida is the lightning capital of the world, students gain unique fieldwork experience at Patrick Air Force Base and Kennedy Space Center with some of the most respected weather experts in the world. For students that want to become a broadcast meteorologist, world weather expert, storm tracker or weather researcher, a master's in meteorology from Florida Tech provides expert training for these careers.

Experienced Interdisciplinary Faculty

Professors in the master's in meteorology program include several atmospheric science experts who are members of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, American Meteorological Society, Florida Academy of Science and National Center for Atmospheric Research. The interdisciplinary program also includes mathematicians, physicists and engineers who collectively bring a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. Small class sizes provide an environment where professors mentor students and work one-on-one in study and field research.

Research Experience

Florida Tech is respected as a leading research university and individual or faculty-led research projects are part of the master's in meteorology curriculum. Graduate students pursue research alongside members of the U.S. Air Force 45th Weather Squadron studying tropical cyclones, and high wind and wave forecasting and evaluation as part of the National Hurricane Center's wind speed probability forecasts. The program research recap gives students a chance to participate in mesoscale weather system research. These types of real-life experiences prepare students for what they can expect to do when on the job, making them expert candidates for employers.


Students working towards a master's in meteorology at Florida Tech also have an opportunity for one of the ten teaching assistantships or a variety of graduate research assistant positions.

High Tech Facilities

Graduate students have access to on-campus facilities such as the synoptic meteorology laboratory and the Wind and Hurricane Impacts Research Laboratory (WHIRL), as well as nearby facilities including the National Weather Service, Kennedy Space Center, the 45th United States Air Force Weather Squadron and several private companies.


Graduates with their master's in meteorology from Florida Tech have found positions with organizations such as NOAA National Weather Service, NASA and Executive Jet. Career opportunities are also available in a variety of industries in research and management, as well as with local weather departments in which to build a career as a television weather reporter.