Master's in Aviation Management At Florida Tech

Become an Expert in Corporate and Commercial Aviation

Florida Tech's online master's in aviation management program provides individuals working in public, private and military aviation-related professions with advanced knowledge to further their careers and assume new responsibilities.

Individuals interested in a wide range of aviation management careers find that a master's in aviation management gives them a competitive edge. This includes airport managers, airport operations officers, corporate and commercial aviation managers and consultants, as well as educational, regulatory or investigative positions in government or private organizations.

A History of Excellence

Florida Tech's College of Aeronautics is consistently recognized for offering one of the most elite and comprehensive aviation programs in the country. In fact, Florida Tech was among several universities selected to be part of the FAA Center of Excellence Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety Accessibility and Sustainability (PEGASAS).

Learn From Aviation Experts

Florida Tech's faculty members are highly experienced experts in all aspects of aviation. Many are experienced pilots and experts in at least one other area such as aviation law, safety, avionics or environmental science. Florida Tech professors have written and co-authored textbooks on aviation management and aviation safety, alongside journal articles and hundreds of citations.

Interactive, Personal Online Program

Florida Tech's online graduate program is highly interactive and brings students and faculty together through engaging discussion boards and energetic live chat sessions for a sense of academic closeness that is often missing in other online programs. Students seeking a master's in aviation management learn from professors who have experience in airport consulting, design and management, airline or general aviation management, aviation human factors, meteorology and air traffic control.


Florida Tech is an excellent choice for a master's in aviation management. Not only do graduates increase their career earning potential with a graduate degree, they are also graduates of a well-respected aviation university that employers look to hire. This includes top airlines and organizations such as:

  • National Business Aircraft Association
  • American Association of Airport Executives
  • Various Domestic and International Airports
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • National Transportation Safety Board
  • Department of Homeland Security