Systems Management Training and Internships

Work Complex Challenges in Real-World Systems 

Systems management training at Florida Tech involves an integrated, interdisciplinary educational approach aimed at preparing master’s degree graduates for a variety of career options in technology.

The university is dedicated to developing graduates for success who are ready to work in managerial roles at the world’s most innovative companies. Through curriculum, discussions, group work and individual research, this includes mastery of:

  • Introductory Managerial Statistics
  • Information Systems
  • Systems Analysis and Modeling
  • Systems Management
  • Management of Software Systems
  • Database Systems Management
  • Computer Systems Administration
  • Telecommunications Systems Management
  • Systems Management Project (Capstone Research)


During the final phase of the program, this integrated learning approach provides students a unique opportunity for hands-on, systems management training in the form of experience in the field. Working as part of a team, a capstone research project positions students inside a company to recommend solutions for complex, real-life challenges in systems management. Guidance from both professors and professionals in the organization make this experience one of a kind.

In addition to the consulting work, Florida Tech – as a national research university – offers access to a variety of databases and catalogs associated with systems management. This facilitates opportunities for a deeper understanding of the process and techniques used in the marketplace today.