Human Resource Management Training Internships

Capstone Research Project Provides Hands-On Experience

Human resource management training at Florida Tech concentrates on developing knowledgeable leaders who understand every facet of human resources in a company. From planning, directing, and coordinating administrative functions to recruiting, interviewing and hiring new staff, human resource managers serve as the link between an organization's management team and its employees.

Florida Tech's human resource management training program involves using the latest body of technical knowledge and practical experience through a curriculum centered on requirements of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). This, along with developing leaders who possess a high level of business acumen and communication skills, prepares students to succeed in a professional career.


As a national research institution, Florida Tech provides a variety of databases and catalogs associated with human resource management. SHRM also provides a wealth of information on their website at covering relevant topics in human resource management.

Capstone Project

Hands-on practical experience is an important part of the master's in human resource management degree at Florida Tech. Students obtain practical experience by working in a team on an outside consulting project to develop and recommend solutions to the firms human resources department. The capstone research experience gives students a complex, real-life management challenge where they apply coursework and their own experience on a project like they will find in their career.

Get Published

The Society for Human Resources Management promotes conferences, workshops, and publishes its own magazine for professional development of human resource managers. As part of human resource management training, students are encouraged to submit research papers and articles to noted publications in human resources such as:

  • Human Resource Magazine 
  • Human Resource Management/Personnel Journal 
  • Human Resource Management Theory & Practice