Technology Management Jobs

Capstone Research Project Offers Hands-On Technology Experience

Students in the technology management program at Florida Tech have a chance to work with any type of company or government agency in unique fieldwork learning experiences. These specialized real-world projects involve the type of scenarios students might encounter in technology management jobs and allows them to apply classroom knowledge and critical thinking to create innovative solutions.

Capstone Experience

This type of practical consulting experience is one of the important aspects of the technology management training at Florida Tech. The capstone experience is a hands-on approach that pushes students to reveal their own solution-oriented ideas. Through study and experiences such as this, students tackle complex challenges to become knowledgeable leaders who understand every aspect of what it means to plan, implement and manage technology in a business environment.

Get Published

Submitting articles and attending conferences and workshops offer a deeper knowledge of the industry. Being published builds resume credentials and professional contacts. Students also stay abreast of trends in the industry through organizations such as the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering, who also provide information on certifications and job opportunities.