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In Florida Tech's state-of-the-art facilities, students have opportunities to conduct research, and study in a great number of research institutes, centers and major laboratories.

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Computer Information Systems Degree Internships

Design Technology Solutions in Capstone Research Experience

Students in the computer information systems degree program at Florida Tech are immersed in the technical aspects of computing. Unlike more traditional business-oriented information systems programs, Florida Tech's curriculum is focused on in-depth mastery of computer programming, database management and systems design. Designed for students to gain advanced technical proficiency, courses include laboratory work, programming assignments, or a research paper in the computing field. This applied approach is how Florida Tech prepares graduates to develop critical thinking and analysis skills that prepare them to excel in their career.

Capstone Research Experience

The capstone research experience is a hands-on approach that pushes students to reveal their own solution-oriented ideas. Students participate in faculty research activities and collaborate with professors to apply their knowledge and creativity. Advanced research topics in the industry can include:

  • Performance analysis of systems 
  • Systems design 
  • Client-server and service-oriented architecture systems 
  • Mobile applications programming 
  • Enterprise modeling 
  • Configuration and version control 
  • Virtualized computing environments

Through study and experiences such as this, students in the computer information systems degree program tackle complex challenges to become knowledgeable leaders who understand every aspect of what it means to manage systems in a business environment.

Get Published

Submitting articles and attending conferences and workshops offer a deeper knowledge of the industry. Students also stay abreast of trends in the industry through organizations such as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Association for Computing Machinery and International Association for Computer Information Systems.