Management Careers

Advance in Existing Position Or Prepare for a New Role

Successful managers have two things in common: the ability to effectively manage others and confidence to make tough decisions. Skilled managers may take on the role of chief executive officer and lead businesses to compete and succeed. Others may choose to become specialists in certain areas of business such as IT or strategic business development.

Management careers are very diverse and skilled managers are in high demand in companies large and small in any industry. Managers devise policies and strategies to ensure an organization meets its goals and consult with other executives, staff and board members about a company's operations.

Management jobs involve a variety of duties depending on the size of a company but can include everything from strategic planning, oversight of financial activities, product and service development, negotiating contracts and agreements, supervising marketing direction, identifying new markets, planning and implementation of technology and analyzing goals and profitability.

Career Outlook

Management careers are found in just about any segment of the economy, as managers are needed to effectively run a company and deliver products and services. The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), predicts that careers in management will grow 11 percent through 2022, driven generally by the formation of new organizations and expansion of existing companies. Competition for executive level jobs is strong and graduates will see jobs in expanding industry segments such as healthcare, technology, education and financial.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides information on management careers as well as hundreds of other occupations, including entry-level education, overall working environment and employment prospects.

Management Careers

  • Chief Executive Officer 
  • Chief Information Officer 
  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Chief Marketing Officer 
  • Senior Vice President 
  • Executive Vice President 
  • Vice President 
  • Director of Facilities 
  • Operations Manager 
  • Human Resources Manager 
  • Program Manager 
  • National Account Manager 
  • Strategic Planning Manager

Salary Expectations

Entry-level salaries for management careers vary depending on a number of factors including the specific management area and department, company size, location and level of education. In addition to the wages individuals earn, master's degree graduates often earn other compensation such as stock options, performance bonuses, expense allowances and company-paid benefits when securing a management position. reports entry-level salaries for jobs in management to be $60,456 with opportunity to grow to $113,182. is an online salary information company that helps people obtain accurate real-time information on job market compensation. Visit the site to search for information on specific jobs in the industry and region of the country desired to find accurate information on a particular position.