Management Training

Team-Based Consulting Project for Real-World Experience

Students in the graduate management program at Florida Tech combine classroom study and practical experience for advanced level expertise. Management training provides the knowledge, critical thinking and leadership skills needed to tackle tough business challenges head on when working in critical management positions.

Capstone Experience

Management training at Florida Tech includes a real-world, team-based consulting project similar to the strategy and decision-making students might encounter on the job. This type of practical consulting experience pushes students to apply their ideas and develop confidence for their future leadership role in a company. Students tackle complex challenges to become knowledgeable leaders who understand every aspect of what it means to plan, implement and manage issues in finance, human resources, acquisitions, contracts, logistics, IT and more.

Get Published

Submitting articles and attending conferences and workshops offer a deeper knowledge of the industry. Being published builds resume credentials and professional contacts. Students also stay abreast of trends in the industry through organizations such as Academy of Management and Society for Advancement of Management. A number of professional societies such as the Society of Logistics Engineers, Society for Human Resources Management, and National Contract Management Association produce trade journals and conduct conferences where management practitioners and students of management may participate.