Preparing Exceptional Leaders Worldwide

Master's Degree in Acquisition and Contract Management

Learn To Manage The Contract Life Cycle

Designed for professionals from diverse backgrounds seeking advanced leadership positions in the public, private, government and military sectors, a master's degree in acquisition and contract management provides the training students need to manage the complete life cycle of a contract. 

Managers assume responsibility for the intricacies of a contract including purchasing techniques, policies, procedures and financial operations. Graduates with a master's degree in acquisition and contract management fulfill a variety of positions including contract/purchasing officer, project manager and analyst.

Convenient Online or Campus Learning

The master's degree in acquisition and contract management is offered at our off-site locations and online through the Virtual Site. Florida Tech's educational programs are built on its reputation for rigorous curriculum based on the latest body of technical knowledge and cutting-edge research. Click here to find a location near you.

Dynamic Curriculum

Students master curriculum in procurement and contract management, government contract law, purchasing techniques and policies in the public and private sectors, contract negotiations and contract formulation. Employers today demand leaders who can make decisions regarding complex business scenarios. Florida Tech trains students with the business acumen and expertise to make these critical decisions.

Hands-On Practical Experience

During the final year of study, students earning a master's degree in acquisition and contract management obtain practical experience in the field by working with organizations needing this expertise. The capstone project gives students a chance to work on a complex, real-life contract management challenge in a team-based environment to apply research skills, consider potential courses of action and make recommendations to the client.

Career Opportunities

Career paths for graduates with a master's degree in acquisition and contract management vary widely in public, private and military organizations. All companies conduct acquisition and contracting functions as part of their operations, making this expertise quite useful in any industry.