Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration
Classroom, Online, Off-site
Hampton Roads, Huntsville, Lakehurst, Melbourne Graduate Center, Orlando, Patuxent, Picatinny, Spaceport, Virtual Site
2017-2018 Catalog
Major Code: 8401 Degree Awarded: Master of Public Administration
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom, Online, Off-site Age Restriction: No
Admission Status: Graduate Location(s): Hampton Roads, Huntsville, Lakehurst, Melbourne, Orlando, Patuxent, Picatinny, Spaceport - COB, Virtual Site
Admission Materials: GMAT, GRE recommended

The goal of the Master of Public Administration is to prepare individuals for advanced leadership positions in the private, public and military sectors with specific skills and competencies in public administration.

Admission Requirements

The applicant to the Master of Public Administration program must have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university. The bachelor's degree need not be in public or business administration; however, applicants may be assigned academic prerequisites to complete based on deficiencies in their undergraduate studies preparation.

The GRE or GMAT may be required for admission evaluation purposes. General admission requirements and the process for applying are discussed in the Academic Overview section. Individuals who do not meet the stated requirements for regular admission may petition to take graduate courses for credit as a continuing education applicant.

Degree Requirements

The MPA is conferred on students who have successfully completed 33 credit hours of graduate work plus other course requirements as listed on the student's approved graduate program plan. Students without adequate undergraduate background will be required to complete all or part of the program prerequisites. Students who do not select an area of concentration may choose elective courses with the approval of both the faculty advisor and the academic unit head.

Program Prerequisite

Prerequisite is noncredit for this program.

  • MTH 1701 College Algebra
    Credit Hours: 3

    Real-number system; arithmetic operations with polynomials, special products and factoring; linear, fractional and quadratic equations; inequalities, exponents, radicals and absolute values; functions and graphs; and complex numbers, logarithms, logarithmic and exponential functions. Credit can only be applied toward business, communication, humanities, management, psychology or computer information systems degrees at Florida Tech.


    MTH 0111 or MTH 1011

    Passing grade on placement exam or prerequisite course

Note: Computer literacy is required as a prerequisite. It can be demonstrated by the applicant's undergraduate coursework, passing a proficiency examination offered by the extended studies department or by completing a suitable computer course.

Required Courses
  • MGT 5000 Financial Accounting
    Credit Hours: 3

    Studies accounting concepts, the accounting model, measurement processes, financial statements, financial analysis, the accounting cycle, monetary and fixed assets, inventory, current and long-term liabilities, and equity structures of partnerships, proprietorships and corporations.

  • MGT 5003 Public Finance
    Credit Hours: 3

    Covers concepts and methods of financial management in federal, state and local governments including the analysis of the theory and practice of public finance through taxation, debt instruments, intergovernmental funds and other revenue sources. Reviews financial planning, forecasting, budgeting and financial management practices.


    MGT 5000 

  • MGT 5013 Organizational Behavior
    Credit Hours: 3

    Covers the contributions to management theory made by the behavioral sciences. Gives a better understanding of the human being and why he acts as he does. Studies individual and group behavior. Extensively uses current periodicals and case materials.

  • MGT 5034 Law, Technology and Society
    Credit Hours: 3

    Critically examines the impact of technology on the legal system and social organization, origin and methodology of the common law. Provides a framework for analyzing social change caused by advancing technology. Analyzes legal concepts from the standpoint of societal reaction to technology. Uses the case study method.

  • MGT 5035 Public Administration and Management
    Credit Hours: 3

    Focuses on the problems of administrative management in public agencies and presents methods and strategies to remedy administrative management problems. Uses case studies to apply principles of effective public administrative management.

  • MGT 5040 Public Program Policy and Evaluation
    Credit Hours: 3

    Provides techniques for evaluating public policies and programs. Discusses analytical and other methods in the context of federal, state and local government applications. Includes case studies to reinforce the practical application of evaluation techniques in public sector organizations. As program capstone, requires significant research activity.

  • MGT 5142 Business, Government and Public Policy
    Credit Hours: 3

    Covers the legal basis of the relationship of business and government, dimensions of federal regulation of business through Congressional action, administrative oversight by executive department agencies, regulatory power of independent agencies (Federal Reserve, SEC and FTC) and importance of political action committees in the influencing of public policy.

  • MGT 5231 Government Contract Law
    Credit Hours: 3

    Focuses on the method rather than the material. Uses the case method of study and basic source material to cover all facets of procurement law. Emphasizes legal methods, logic and the developmental concepts of procurement law.

  • MGT 5901 Master of Public Administration Capstone Project
    Credit Hours: 3

    Involves team-based consulting activity for an outside client organization. Requires a project, written report and presentation assessed for synthesis of learned competencies in oral and written communication, critical thinking and public policy administration.

    Acts as capstone for the Master of Public Administration degree program.
  • Electives Credit Hours: 6
Total Credits Required: 33

Students who do not select an area of concentration may choose electives from other graduate-level offerings in business, or other related disciplines, with the approval from both the faculty advisor and the cognizant academic unit head.