Quality Management Training

Participate in Real-World Quality Consulting Projects

Quality management training at Florida Tech concentrates on developing knowledgeable leaders who understand every aspect of quality control to deliver products and services. From planning, engineering and development, to supply chain management, production, inspection and reliability, quality managers ensure that a company's quality and performance standards meet their goals, comply with regulatory agencies and satisfy the needs of customers and vendors.

Capstone Experience

Practical consulting experience is one of the important aspects of quality management training at Florida Tech. Working on an outside consulting project, students assist companies in resolving quality concerns, re-engineering processes and establishing performance standards for new products and services. The capstone research experience gives students a complex management challenge where they apply coursework and their own experience on a project most like what they encounter on the job.

Get Published

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the resources of industry organizations such as the American Society for Quality – a global community of professionals in the quality management field. Submitting articles and attending conferences and workshops offers a deeper knowledge of the industry and builds professional contacts.