Ed.S. in Science Education

Advance Expertise in Science For Classroom Teaching

The Ed.S. in science education program builds on previous educational experience and is devoted to enhancing subject matter knowledge in the student’s desired area of interest. Graduates continue research they began in the master’s program to advance their understanding of program topics and teaching models for their chosen career path.  

Close Knit Academic Community  

Florida Tech provides flexibility for students who are working classroom teachers with courses offered in the evenings and during the summer. While working on an Ed.S. in science education students have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed, including small student-to-teacher ratios and close mentorship and collaboration on research projects for unmatched one-on-one style learning. Professors at Florida Tech are active researchers who consistently publish in top-tier journals who encourage their students to participate in national and international conferences with them.

Research Opportunities

Research while working towards an Ed.S. in science education at Florida Tech involves both learning and teaching. Students discover new ways to organize and teach content in a variety of subject matter areas. There are professional opportunities with national organizations such as the National Science Teachers Association, National Educators Association and the ability to submit research findings for publication (and presentation at conferences) to these and other professional associations. The program offers thesis and non-thesis research topics to match the students preferred curriculum.

Unique Location

Students in the science education program are working professionals in the area, but students from around the world also choose Florida Tech for its strategic location to the environments they study and programs in which they may work. This allows for interactive experiences that enhance and build on class content. 


With an Ed.S. in science education, graduates find positions as science education teachers in any number of school settings, as well as educational careers in administration, professional development, instructional specialties, science laboratories and science institutions (such as zoos, national parks, and aquariums).