Ed.S. in Mathematics Education

Advance Classroom Teaching Expertise with New Methodologies

This program prepares researchers and leaders in local, state, national and international mathematics education communities to address critical issues in mathematics education by developing analytical perspectives for research, engaging in reflective teaching and deepening mathematical knowledge. 

Mathematics educators inspire new generations to pursue mathematics careers. With math being at the foundation for innovation and integral to so many facets of modern society, students who earn an Ed.S. in mathematics education at Florida Tech equip themselves with the knowledge necessary for any number of careers. Graduates are qualified for jobs in collegiate mathematics departments, do research about undergraduate/K-12 mathematics teaching and learning, obtain positions as mathematics curriculum consultants in school districts and work as researchers in educational institutions.

Students earning an Ed.S. in mathematics education find the same tools, resources, challenging curriculum and expert faculty they find at a large university but in a smaller, more intimate college environment.    

Interdisciplinary Degree

Choosing Florida Tech for an Ed.S. in mathematics education offers extreme flexibility, as most graduates are already teaching professionals. Classes are held in the evenings to accommodate work schedules and research experiences are customized to the student’s particulars interests. Students acquire a firm understanding of the theories and methodology of this interdisciplinary specialty by developing scientific understandings of:

  • Learning and instruction in mathematics
  • Building frameworks and theories of knowledge organization
  • Solving problems
  • Contributing to the empirical scientific knowledge base for education by developing innovative instructional strategies 

Research Opportunities

An important part of every degree at Florida Tech, research is conducted in a close-knit academic community with a small teacher-to-student ratio, particularly for doctoral students. Graduates earning an Ed.S. in mathematics education are challenged to design, conduct and report educational research on topics relevant to the field, often collaborating with professors and cutting-edge researchers in different scientific disciplines for real-world experience.

Submitting research findings for publication in respected journals and participating in notable conferences are encouraged for all students and could include:

  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
  • The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE)
  • Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA) 

High-Tech Laboratory Facilities

Florida Tech is committed to providing the latest curriculum and facilities to its students. Graduates earning an Ed.S. in mathematics education have access to four mathematics labs featuring advanced software such as Wolfram Mathematica, MATLAB, the R Project, Safe, and IBM SPSS. The new computational mathematics and statistics research lab includes a 55-inch touchscreen Mondopad. 

Great Florida Location

Students from around the world choose Florida Tech for its strategic location within the Florida High Tech Corridor – home to thousands of high-tech companies and the fifth largest high-tech workforce in the nation, several universities and a myriad of research facilities. 


With an Ed.S. in mathematics education, graduates work in any number of environments from K-12 and post-secondary education, as well as in administrative supervisory roles in curriculum development, assessment consulting, professional development and more.