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The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) is an interdisciplinary club for undergraduate and graduate students at FIT interested in human factors and ergonomics. For more information, you may contact President Morgan Eudy

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Aviation Sciences Degree At Florida Tech

One of the Only Accredited Doctoral Aviation Programs

Florida Tech's College of Aeronautics is consistently recognized for offering one of the best university-based aviation programs in the country. In keeping with this notable distinction, Florida Tech's Ph.D. aviation sciences degree is one of the first doctoral aviation program in the nation and is accredited by The Aviation Accreditation Board International.

Designed to prepare students with an understanding of the critical issues facing the industry, the aviation sciences Ph.D. program incorporates a combination of theory and practice related to aviation human factors, aviation safety and airport management and development. As interactions between humans and aircraft technology become more complex, students working for an aviation sciences degree research, analyze and explore solutions in this important relationship.

Dynamic Learning Environment

Classes for students earning an aviation sciences degree from Florida Tech are part of a dynamic and flexible learning environment and conveniently held in the evening hours so working professionals can balance workplace and academic obligations. Students often travel to national conferences, publish research in respected aviation journals and find graduate student assistantships or adjunct teaching opportunities.

Experienced Professors Who Are Pilots, Researchers and Industry Professionals

The College of Aeronautics' faculty is comprised of aviation industry experts including technical and administrative professionals, pilots and published researchers. Many professors are also respected thought-leaders in a variety of aviation and aeronautics-related disciplines.

Studying for an aviation sciences degree at an aeronautical university like Florida Tech also affords students the benefits of a larger school (such as multidisciplinary course curriculum and state-of-the-art modern facilities) in a close-knit academic community offering small class sizes and one-on-one time with professors.

Research Opportunities

The university's location is in the heart of Florida's Space Coast, central Florida's high tech corridor and in close proximity to aviation facilities including the Kennedy Space Center, Melbourne International Airport, Orlando International Airport, Emil Buehler Center for Aviation Training and Research, Center for Human Aviation Factors and Centers of Excellence for General Aviation and Commercial Space Transportation. These airports and research centers provide aviation sciences degree students with an abundance of applied learning and research experiences about the challenges and trends that aviation industry professionals face today. Advanced research tools also include wind tunnels, air quality monitoring systems, several high-tech modeling software programs and advanced flight simulators.

Career Development

Graduates with a Ph.D. aviation sciences degree work as consultants and industry experts addressing issues such as pilot shortages, fluctuating fuel prices, dynamic customer bases and green airport design. Merging airlines and expanding airports are in need of aviation-savvy executives and consultants to lead them through the industry challenges, and Ph.D. graduates from Florida Tech are uniquely equipped to fill these positions. Graduates can also continue into academia as a professor to advance research in aviation sciences while teaching the next generation of students about aviation and its complexities.