Doctor of Aviation
Main Campus - Online
2018-2019 Florida Tech Catalog
Major Code: 9105 Degree Awarded: Doctor of Aviation
Delivery Mode(s): Online Age Restriction: No
Admission Status: Graduate Location(s): Main Campus - Melbourne Online
Admission Materials: 3 letters of recommendation, objectives, résumé

The Doctor of Aviation is designed to prepare working professionals in aviation with the capacity and experience needed to make scholarly contributions that enhance and promote practice within the aviation profession and to assume leadership positions within their organization. The focus of the Av.D. is applied and intended for the practitioner, with the dissertation research typically involving a practical field problem oriented for business/industry practitioners. The program is cohort-based, with new cohorts entering the program each fall term and is designed so cohorts can complete the program in as few as three years with the last year dedicated to the dissertation component.

Admission Requirements

An applicant to the program must have a master's degree from a regionally accredited institution in an aviation-related field with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. The applicant also must be a full-time working professional in the aviation/aerospace industry. International applicants must hold a master's degree in an aviation-related field from an international institution that provides suitable preparation for doctoral­-level studies, and be a full-time working professional in the aviation/aerospace industry. In addition to the application, applicants must submit undergraduate and graduate transcripts, three letters of recommendation, a statement of objectives and a résumé.

General admission requirements and the process for applying are presented in the Academic Overview section.

Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Aviation is conferred on students who successfully complete a minimum of 42 semester credit hours beyond the master's degree as described below.

General degree requirements are presented in the Academic Overview section.

  • AVS 5000 Quantitative Reasoning and Modeling
    Credit Hours: 3

    Introduces reasoning and critical thinking concepts that promote sound judgments and decisions grounded in data. Includes inductive/deductive reasoning; formal symbolic logic; problem-solving strategies; probability, odds and risk assessment; and developing and interpreting mathematical models derived from quantitative data.

  • AVS 5430 Strategic Analysis in Aviation Using Game Theory
    Credit Hours: 3

    Presents a study of situations in aviation encountered by managers and engineers. Introduces and uses principles of game theory to analyze the situations in order to develop sound bases for drawing appropriate conclusions and achieving optimal results. Provides insight into why certain situations function the way they do.


    AVS 5000 

  • AVS 6301 Fundamentals of Research in Aviation
    Credit Hours: 3

    Introduces research fundamentals. Covers basic concepts such as the research process; formulating research questions, hypotheses and objectives; ethical considerations; preparing a literature review; sampling; research methodologies; instrumentation issues; developing a research plan; and the concept of methodological quality.

  • AVS 6302 Research and Statistics 1
    Credit Hours: 3

    Integrates experimental, ex post facto and correlational research methods with univariate and bivariate statistical procedures, including measures of central tendency, dispersion and position; z and t tests; and regression/correlation. Requires students to conduct studies using these methods and then analyze/interpret the corresponding data.


    AVS 6301 

  • AVS 6303 Research and Statistics 2
    Credit Hours: 3

    Integrates experimental, ex post facto and correlational research methods with multifactor statistical procedures, including ANOVA, ANCOVA, multiple regression and nonparametric tests such as chi-square, Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis. Requires students to conduct studies using these methods and then analyze/interpret the corresponding data.


    AVS 6302 

  • AVS 6304 Survey and Qualitative Research Methodologies
    Credit Hours: 3

    Examines the basic principles of descriptive and qualitative research methodologies. Covers survey research, case study, phenomenology and grounded theory. Includes design issues, sources of bias, recruitment, data collection and analysis strategies and administration.


    AVS 5000 and AVS 6301 

  • AVS 6305 Readings in Aviation Research
    Credit Hours: 6

    Focuses on reviewing and critiquing published aviation research from both methodological quality and APA-style perspectives. Prepares students to adopt a research-oriented mindset in advance of engaging in their own dissertation research.

    Advisor approval
  • AVS 6310 Special Topics Seminar
    Credit Hours: 0

    Addresses selected topics of research interest to the faculty and students. Advances critical issues within the aviation research community.

  • The remainder of the requirements includes at least 18 semester credit hours of AVS 6999 Dissertation, with at least 15 semester credit hours earned beginning in the semester when the student is accepted to candidacy.
Comprehensive Examination Requirement
  • Written and oral comprehensive exams must be completed in the same semester. The doctoral comprehensive examinations are given once a year during the summer term.
Total Credits Required: 42