Quality of Life Committee Meeting

January 10, 2005

Discussion of subcommittee recommendation that the university implement a campus-wide recycling initiative, “The Green Campus.” Subcommittee chair, Yulia Malikova presented, sub-committee members Monica Baloga and Mark Ritter spoke. Discussion opened to full committee. Discussion over receptacles not being unsightly, transportation of recycle items and education of campus of what Alpha Phi Omega has accomplished.

According to Tom Stewart, 336,000 beverage (glass, plastic and aluminum) are delivered to campus for our use annually. This, of course, doesn’t count what individuals bring to campus. Joanne Green suggested that supervision of effort might come from the outsourced custodial service that the university currently contracts with.

Alpha Phi Omega has been responsible for campus recycling and deserves credit. The pick-ups break down over the summer, though, and a year-round overseer is considered to be remedy.

Discussion resulted in Dr. Patterson to draft a recommendation to the president for this initiative, which included, based on discussions:

1) Florida Tech to join the College and University Recycling Council;

2) Designated university employee to oversee program;

3) Campus Recycling Committee to be formed;

4) Suggestion to implement program in stages. Full text of this recommendation, which will by sent to President Catanese, is available from Dr. Patterson (or posted on this Web site).

Other Topics:

Frank Leslie, marine and environmental systems, came to meeting as a guest to discuss a water wheel engineering project for the Botanical Garden. He will come back next month for further discussion.

Some discussion of having WFIT concerts on campus, perhaps in Botanical Garden.

Sarah Parent asked about doing a communication audit here. Karen Rhine said that one has been planned and will start this week. Jay Rayburn, Florida State University professor, is assisting Office of University Communications with this effort.

Suzee Louche to be invited as guest at February meeting to discuss Ombudsman Program.

President Catanese to be invited to March or April meeting.

Dr. Patterson to invite Dr. Dick Newman to March or April meeting to discuss the wireless campus plan.