Quality of Life Committee Meeting

January 20, 2006

Location: 7th Floor Crawford Tower

Patterson: Dr. McCay and Mr. Armul will be here at 9:30 pm to talk about the tuition increase. Jason Ball and Dee Dee Pannell are here to talk about IT.

Jason: IT is young at only 5 years old. Dee Dee will talk more about the history that go IT where it is today.

Dee Dee: 1980: Academic Computing Center became Academic Computing Services. Had one computer with 182 K of memory. Gives History of IT: some important dates:

1984: Applied Computing Center Opened

1989: Internet connection to campus

1990: Harris gave $200,000 for 286/386

1996: Network to residence halls

1997: Internet access to Applied Computing Center

Jason: 1996: Outsourced services to SCT. 10 year contract.

2000: IT was created had 3 employees

2005: 7 employees

As of October In-sourced IT

What we are working on:

  • Trying to get services on system: PAWS, parking permits
  • Trying to get systems on campus to talk
  • Disaster recovery planning. Off source resources for data maybe in Virginia so with Hurricane if something happens our data is safe in Virginia.
  • Telecom/networking
    • Wireless network – all academic areas covered
    • Test in residence halls working on adding to 2 admin buildings
    • Voice over IP
    • Residence Hall Management – Viruses
  • Tech Support services – total overhaul
    • Remote desk top assistance
  • Equipment replacement
  • Instructional Tech – Classroom update
  • Admin. Computing – move to Banner 7 whole new interface
  • Online grading – hopefully in the fall
  • Pay application fees online

Dee Dee: Media Services and Development

  • Applied Computing Center
    • Assist researchers with photography & filming
    • FEB 24th Digital Showcase!
  • Looking at options of what to do with Copy Center
  • Web Services looking over

Jason: Concerns/Questions

Joanne: Thought of turning quad room into a student tech center with faxes, phones and copiers?

Mark: Banner…user-friendly?

Jason: New version is going to be better. Has a better interface.

Dee Dee: Customize training by groups with new banner

Patterson: Integrate Blackboard with registration?

Jason: Another addition that will integrate looking at various solutions or other products.

Carolyn: Put textbook information into PAWS?

Dee Dee: Home page has a button for students to buy textbooks online.

Carolyn: Didn’t know about the quick link

Jason: put announcement in PAWS

David: Anti-virus software for students?

Jason: Students in residence halls can get it for free by going to the IT website

David: off-campus students?

Jason: Harder to keep track

David: For laptops that use the wireless systems

Jason: Working on that

Patterson: Attacks…how to manage?

Jason: Face on a regular basis. Eric’s groups works on them

Patterson: Thank you to Jason and Dee Dee. Dr. McCay and Mr. Armul are here to talk about the tuition increases.

  1. Wants to compliment Provost and VP for Financial Affairs for being forth right
  2. Comment on the Crimson and the good reporting about the increase.
  3. Tuition being raised for the good of the University.

Provost McCay: Process: Budget process has been changed and have had to have significant budget cuts.

    • Need to get approval from board in Jan. Formal budget not done till March.
    • Approval in March.
    • Ask for minimum increase to meet the goals of the University
    • Will be reimbursed for most damage from hurricanes.
    • Property Insurance went up 45%
    • Medical costs up
    • Utility Costs are also up
    • Adds about 4 million in cost and that is without updates to the campus.
    • Made lots of progress on campus and don’t want to lose that
    • Don’t want to lose the student/faculty ratio
    • Need to have competitive faculty salaries
    • Since 1995 have added 3 large buildings on campus…no operating money was included. Impacts on budgets have been a squeeze
    • Trying to improve
    • Provide Quality of Life that does not loose the ground we are on right now.
    • Revenue:
      • Tuition
      • Auxiliaries
      • Research 2.5 up to 10 million now
      • Private Gifts
      • Endowment funds
    • Capital Campaign under way and research is growing
    • Made commitment to SACS to have short term debt reduced. This in time will relieve pressure on the budget.
    • When looking at budget we have to cover our costs/keep up quality.
    • Still have a great buy compared to many of our peers
    • Will reexamine Financial Aid to help lessen the burdens on those that are already here.

Mr. Armul: Insurance: we belong to a consortium with 9 Florida institutions. 600 million in consortium reduced coverage to 200 million.

National: 37 million in endowments most have 13/18% of budget in endowments. We have 2%! Trying to get endowments up and reduce the pressures on tuition

    • What do we need to do not to make budget cuts and keep our commitment to SACS.
    • Tuition increases in the past were too low
      • The worse case if none of our competitors increase we will move from 23 out of 32 to 17 out of 32
    • The Crimson’s article was very accurate.

Rick T: Increase in enrollment?

Provost: Conservative increase because freshmen have to live on campus and RH can’t accommodate. Retention is better and up in past few years.

Rick: Threaten in retention now?

Provost: Concerned about that and will re-look at Financial Aid packages to help with retention.

Frank: Intensive efforts to reduce utility costs. Market of efficient and conservation reduce energy use.

Jack: Did a walk through of campus. Got an energy replacement package. Get new energy reducing equipment that will pay back with savings on new equipment. Use a light patrol for work studies that go around campus check if lights are on and turn them off.

Patterson: Stephen did a survey of students about the tutition increase talk to 120 students so far.

Stephen: One question (look at handout) Will continue for next week and half and will include rank.

Sara: Do survey again after SG meeting that the VP and Provost will attend and again before the end of the semester to see who is coming back.

Jack: Looked at ways to raise the tuition a little for current students and the percentage was too large for new students.

Patterson: Thank you to VP Armul and Provost McCay for joining us.

Stephen: Res. Life had a concert near the res. Halls a resident complained and came and shut the concert down. Was only one decibel over the sound permit. Worried about the amphitheatre and what it might cause for the neighbors.

Patterson: Next meeting is February 15, 12-1 pm in 7th floor Crawford.