Quality of Life Committee Meeting

February 15, 2006

Location: 7th Floor Crawford Tower


  • Gordon Patterson, chair
  • Bob Taylor (HUM)
  • Carolyn Fausnaugh (COB)
  • Kathy Turner (for C. Lang - Library)
  • Joanne Green (Student Life)
  • Rick Tankersley (COS)
  • Matt Normand (COP)
  • Tom Stewart (Food Service)
  • Frank Leslie (DMES)
  • David Kincaid (Student - ECE)
  • Stephen Hanna (Student - MAE)
  • Joseph Carrano (Student)

Old Business

  • IT has moved to 401 North.
  • Landscaping will be completed in two weeks.
  • Amphitheater will be begun soon. Frank Leslie will get clarification on exact location. Naming contest has begun.
  • Babcock-related improvements (fencing, landscaping, and parking lot connection in front of Frueauff Building) have been pushed back to April.
  • Doug Nolder has not yet provided additional information about Florida Tech's compliance with city noise ordinance. Friday's concert (2/17) may offer an opportunity to gather more information.
  • More fitforum discussion about the recent tuition increase announcement had been expected. The Provost/Vice President attended a SG meeting. The Crimson staff has done an admirable job of covering the situation. It was recommended that the Crimson follow up with more information on Florida Tech's "sister institutions". Related questions may be addressed at the President's upcoming faculty/staff forum.

New Business

  • Evans Cafeteria fire - The fire occurred on 1/23 (correct?). SERVPRO originally estimated a short period for cleanup, but changed it to 6-8 weeks for the full job that included construction. The cafeteria reopened today! To help campus fully understand the situation, Tom held tours and kept students up-to-date.
  • Rites of Spring will take place on April 19. Activities will include entertainment and free dinner for faculty and staff.
  • Regarding the annual re-freshing of the Committee, it was recommended that a sub-committee develop criteria, review applications, and forward list to Dr. Catanese for final review and approval. Bob Taylor, Gordon Patterson, Matt Normand, and Steve Hanna will serve on the sub-committee.
  • Regarding the information that is circulating about the anchorage boat house demolition, Gordon Patterson will alert Jay Wilson to the fact that there is a lot of discussion about what is really involved.
    There are many stakeholders. Junda Lin oversees the facility.
  • The sewage problem in Grissom has been resolved.
  • A housing survey has been completed. Food service focus groups that include faculty, staff, students, and campus guests, will take place 3/1 - 3/3. Anyone interested in participating should contact Tom Stewart. Results should be known by April.
  • Dr. Catanese and Marsha Duncan will be invited to speak at the two remaining Committee meetings.