Quality of Life Committee Meeting

April 21, 2006

Location: 7th Floor Crawford Tower

Guest: President Catanese

President Catanese addressed the committee. He considers the Quality of Life Committee (QOL) the most important committee on campus. The QOL has provided him with valuable advice in its four years of existence. President Catanese said that the QOL helped him define where a consensus existed. The president indicated that the university is at a unique point in its history. Here are some of the notable matters he identified:

  1. Applications are up by 100%. This is unprecedented.
  2. Deposits are up by 26%.
  3. Admission standards will be raised.
  4. Both the food service and additional housing will be needed.
  5. Large numbers of Saudi Arabian students are enrolling as part of a direct initiative from the Saudi government and the White House. Currently, 118 students are on campus. 100-150 more students are expected next year.
  6. President Catanese reaffirmed his commitment to meeting the religious and cultural needs of all of its students.
  7. The physical improvements along Babcock are high priority.

Old Business:

Greg Tsark

Panthereum: Drawings have been submitted and initial fabrication by outside vendor is underway. Professor Kalajian provided assistance in site preparation.

Introduction of Rob Ghiotto, facilities management project director.

Facilities Management is seeking approval for permits for Babcock Landscaping and fence. It is hoped that the permits will be granted from the City of Melbourne and the State Department of Transportation in the next few weeks.

Discussion: Sense of the committee was that every effort should be made to have the fence on Babcock in place before the beginning of the fall semester.

University and Country Club pedestrian traffic.

Professor Normand described his students’ study of pedestrian safety issues on Country Club and University Blvd. There is high compliance by drivers on University Blvd. with pedestrian crossings. Country Club compares unfavorably. Doug Nolder indicated that there will be a meeting of city officials with Kevin Graham next week to discuss this matter.

New Business:

Stephen Hanna presented a report from the Resident Life Association discussing the smoking issue on campus. This matter will be discussed at a later meeting in detail.

The next meeting of the Quality of Life Committee will be on August 18, 2006, between 10:00 and 11:30 in the conference room on the 7th floor of the Crawford Building.

President Catanese announced that because Gordon Patterson would be on sabbatical in 2006-2007 that Professor Monica Baloga would serve as Chair of the Quality of Life Committee.


Gordon Patterson