Quality of Life Committee Meeting

August 18, 2005

Meeting Start: 10:05 am

Dr. Patterson: explains that this is the 4th year of the QoL and that last semester the committee decided that those that were in their 3rd and final year of being on the committee would stay around for the beginning of the semester to help make the transition smooth for the new members.

Introductions of people present:

Doug Nolder

Carolyn Fausnaugh

Jay Wilson- in for Karen Rhine

Bob Taylor

Mary Mullins

Mischka Hilton

Mark Ritter

Rick Tankersley

Sara Parent

Cheryl Fossani

Tom Stewart

Joanne Green

Maria Pozo de Fernandez

Ann Bergonzoni

Matt Norman

Stephen Hanna

Frank Leslie

Rhian Resnick

Monica Baloga

Ken Droscher

*Dr. Patterson mentions people that are not present:

Celine Lang Qgugua Onyejekwe

David Kincad Daniel Rezndes

Beth Bedwell

Dr. Patterson: President Catanese would like to introduce freshman to the committee and if anyone has any freshman in mind to tell them about applying to be on the committee.

-Explains what our committee does. That we identify consensus of an issue or opportunity on campus and we give it a voice.

-Unique because we represent many faucets of campus life. We are not a complaint department (i.e. the water faucet isn’t cold enough, the elevator is broken)


  • Implementing Fall Break
  • Recommend classes to start on Monday at the beginning of the semester
      • Gave us extra days at the end of the semester to have study breaks (and hurricane days)
  • Martin Luther King Day Celebration
      • Committee formed this year to work on this.
  • P133 renovation
      • Tells of debacle of the truck for the chairs being sent with no chairs in them
      • Jody Bagdonas and Jason Ball were key in helping with project
  • Copy Printer Charges Reduced
      • Should be online this semester
      • Copying charge is at cost
  • Graduation
      • Students walk no matter what
      • Ticket number – still discussing
      • Size of diplomas discussed
      • Spill over rooms in Olin Engineering and Bio. Science Building
  • Campus Recycling
      • Still working on
  • Botanical Garden Work Sessions
  • Observation of Federal Holidays
  • Wellness Program
      • $10/month to use program and Clemente Center facilities

Old Business:

  • Major initiations on Terrace Band shell at the in-slope behind the Keuper Building
      • Frank Leslie: Found a donor to cover the cost. Once bid has gone through the band-shell will get the go ahead.
        • Lots of good uses
        • Terrace seats for 200-300 people
        • PowerPoint presentation from Architect will be put on the QoL webpage
        • Green Campus group used the area for Earth Day
        • Talked with WFIT and they are very excited about the project.
      • Should be attentive to the sound pollution. Dr. Patterson will talk with Kevin Graham to make sure the neighbors are happy
  • Communications
      • Always a problem, forever changing
      • Talk about new crimson
        • New contract with Florida Today for 20 years
        • Costs less to do than bringing it to the other place in Orlando
          • Looks good and professional
          • Stories are about Florida Tech
          • Accurate Information
        • 11 issues this summer
        • Subscription form for parents
      • Televisions in buildings like the one in the Student Center.
        • Has been reached to the Provost level
        • Provost suggests that the Deans of the Colleges are the ones that help get the money to get the TVs in their buildings
        • We will keep an eye on this
      • Plans for communication
        • Jay Wilson: Plans for an Internal Communications Coordinator to come on campus after Labor Day holiday.
          • New hire has 20 years experience in Internal communications and technical writing
          • Editor with Spaceport News (Internal NASA publication)
          • Tech writer for Harris Corp.
          • Plans are for her to form focus groups and ask people what is needed for internal communications on this campus.
          • Job is not only a print job
        • Jay: Hurricane Communication
          • Revamped/revised Disaster Plan
          • Met with other universities communicators to see how they handled communications during the storms

New Business:

  • Talk about issues we might want to look in to
  • Talk about our meeting schedule

Mary: Drainage Problem in the quad

Sara: New Sign to replace sign on Babcock.

Mark: Need new/improved fitforum/facforum

- Rhian: runs the service and they are voluntary lists.

- Also have Bulletin Board Service on line that people uses their TRACKS information to sign up and post on the board.
- Have distribution list but they are used very limited and need the approval of the Provost office to use.
- Will find the percentage of people on Fac/fitforum
-get crimson to explain the forums.

-Rick: Suggestion on a weekly news gram that goes to everyone

-Also suggestion on educating students on email

-Reach Freshman through UE classes

-Rhian: Offers to go to UE classes to talk about the system

Mary: Parking Issue

    • Security is writing an article about it in the Crimson
    • Should Focus on Faculty parking
    • Suggestion of a “Tram”
    • Need more Visitor Parking

Sara: Suggestion from Grad Student that more classes need to be offered after 5 pm to accommodate full-time working students.

Carolyn: Renovate “old” areas of campus

  • Joanne: Tells everyone when they find a problem, email facilities at facilities@fit.edu and they will give you a work order number.

Matt: Pedestrian Safety

  • Grad students have been doing research on ped. safety on campus
  • 30% drivers yield. Average for a metropolitan area
  • Lots of Country Club speeders
  • Doug: have tried to get speed humps etc. on Country Club and City does not allow it
  • Work with school to use research to go to the City and make a good argument


    • September 8th – 9 am: Drainage/Campus Appearance
    • October 13th – 4 pm: Safety on Campus/Parking (research other universities)
    • November 10th – noon: Campus Services/Housing/Communications
    • December 8th- 9 am: Open for issues that emerge

Dr. Patterson: Email that was sent out is on our own internal email list. Anyone in committee can email to it for any issues that need to be brought to the committee’s attention.

Good of the Order:

Doug: Student Handbook online www.fit.edu/studenthandbook/

  • Information on Hurricanes
      • Current student page, click on preparedness (gave to new students)
      • Updating disaster list
        • Needs a list of host families. Florida Tech families willing to take in students when shelters are full.

Meeting adjourned: 11:45 a