Quality of Life Committee Meeting

September 8, 2005

Meeting Start: 9:00 am

Dr. Patterson:

Apologizes for not getting out a reminder about the meeting. Also announces about the Wellness Fair that is taking place in the Clemente Center from 10-2.

Introduces Greg Tsark- Assistant Director Facilities Management. He is apart of the committee but he is also here to answer questions and speak with us about the physical aspects of the campus and the other issues about campus appearance that were brought up by the committee last meeting.

Drainage Problem

Greg: - North part of campus predates regulations from the St. John’s Water Management.

-Civil Engineer has been working on the problem for years.

-Master Plan, Michael Graves did not address the drainage problems.

-Project being considered to update Residence Halls (RH) and with this project the drainage problem would be addressed.

Patterson: Asks about “Lake Catanese” that forms in the Quad area in the North Central part of campus

Greg: The best way to alleviate this problem would be to raise the walks. The planter areas that are there to deal with the issue overflow and could easily have pumps in them; however, we would need to have a place to pump all the water.

Doug: Residence Hall update will bring in account drainage. It is a matter of how to drain area vs. getting a retention pond. This will also incorporate the quad area as well as a large study of the drainage for the whole campus.

Cheryl: Did water study in one of her classes. They put together a proposal/plan for a rain garden.

Greg: Engineer has not seen the rain garden proposal/plan. Something he should see.

Patterson: Time line for the RH/drainage study.

Doug: In 2 years Florida Tech needs to be ready with new halls. Decision needs to be made in the next 18 months to get going. RH/Drainage study should go through Trustees Board Meeting for approval in February meeting.

Patterson: November will have a clear idea of what is going on with drainage issue. If a larger plan is not in place, maybe come up with a smaller plan. (Study)

Rhian: Suggests that it is just a matter of raising all the walkways up to the same height as the others.

Patterson: Thought of wood planks like Turkey Creek but then you deal with the aesthetics of the wood planks.

Doug: Suggests digging PVC pipe drains

Greg: Still need the water to go somewhere (lower than where it is) Pumps could help with pumping water to a higher elevation

Sara: Brings up the fact that Quad is not the only area that floods. Gleason is still very prone to flooding and that deals with inside Gleason actually getting flooded and the cost of replacing rugs, as well as deal with a possible mold situation.

-Crosswalks on University Flood as well, sometimes hard to get around and deal with fast drivers that don’t see the water.

Patterson: Asks if puddle survey was taken of the campus.

Greg: Crosswalks is simply a matter of pulling up bricks, filling in to be even and relaying the bricks

-No Puddle Survey has been done

Patterson: Suggests Alpha Phi Omega to do one. They did the liter survey for the committee last year to help with finding good places to put more trash receptacles.

-Give a map of campus and give rating systems of bucket to lake. See if any can be remedied easily.

Greg: Attempted to remedy the large “pond” that would form at the stop sign near Claude Pepper. Poured about 6-7 inches of concrete in area and then paved with asphalt. It is better but still has an issue with that area flooding.

Work that was being done behind Life Sciences building was a sink hole cause by a ruptured sewer pipe.

Sara: Another problem area is the grass areas in between the Life Sciences and Engineering building. When it rains, it floods. The problem is when they go to mow the grass they sometimes leave patches of grass un-mowed or they leave muddy tire tracks. Either way it is aesthetically un-pleasing and could potential cost more fixing the grass than maybe making them into pretty retention ponds.

Carolyn: The library at the South entrance that has an area that also floods and it is impossible to get around the water without walking through it.

Patterson: Back the Gleason issue, does facilities already know about the problem and are they doing something

Greg: Water is seeping in through a gap in the wall to Gleason and the concrete slab. Threshold in door also has a gap.

-Believes that no plastic barrier was laid between the ground and the concrete when the building was constructed.

Patterson: Any other issues that the committee should look into?

Greg: Babcock St. Beautification Landscaping (like Mel High did) Project is in the works. All front area of the Florida Tech corridor.

-Amphitheatre still being designed. Scheduled for completion middle/end Spring 06 semester.

-Many railings on campus under code or absent (i.e. The 7th Floor) also being looked into.

-Sub terrace – Concrete wall can’t see into botanical gardens. Possibility of making railings to see through to gardens.

Tom: Looking into expanding the sub. Outside area has good seating but it can get very hot or very wet during rain. Added umbrellas but only work so much. Awnings or misters were also look at. Needs to be developed.

Rick: Will improvements be done as buildings are renovated. Is there no true large scale drainage plan?

Greg: RFP engineer for RH will look at Campus wide drainage and plan will be developed.

Patterson: Asks about Grissom and it going from rooms to offices and back to rooms. Professors’ losing lab space.

Doug: First turned to classrooms due to low enrollment.

-This year had a housing shortage. Everyone put in rooms.

-80-100 Saudi students will be coming to Florida Tech in January.

-ELS still uses Grissom.

-Residence Halls are filled

-Grissom classrooms/offices were always temporary. Many rooms were empty, or used as storage closets. Space was under utilized.

-Need the space for RH

-Some offices/labs/classrooms will be displaced and are looking for places

Matt: Has lab in Grissom and hardly got any notice. Doesn’t know where to go. Many people upset.

Doug: Psychology is the last place that will get moved.

Greg: Ultimately a lack of space

Rick: Why do we keep running into these problems, when we have three new buildings?

Greg: 4th floor Crawford – made into classrooms

3rd floor Link – Information for Small Business and National Center for Hydrogen Research

Patterson: Decision process needs to be looked at. How do we set up so there is less stress for people and people are notified?

Matt: Communication is the key. When things happen like this some feel that the administration cares more about getting more students and more money and not about accommodating those that are already here.

Sara: What can/could administration say to keep campus informed of what is going on. Can they keep the campus more informed of what they are working on and what may be happening? Seems that things are announced and then don’t hear much about it later (i.e. 10 year plan) Are they working on it, do they have to keep things confidential? What can and can’t they tell the campus.

Patterson: New communication person to come in and listen.


Campus Safety –Kevin Graham guest

Doug: Good of the Order: SGA collecting money for Hurricane Katrina. Anonymous donor to match up to $5,000 as well as Alumni House. If they make $5000, donor will give $5000 more to the Student Activities fund. Cans can be found around campus.

-Florida Tech License plate. Need to have 1,000 by June or we lose the plate. $25 extra to get plate. Goes to the school. Also get a discount on parking.

Carolyn: Can SG make something to show how much more they have to go to get to the goal of $5000.



October 13 at 4 pm 7th floor Crawford


10:05 am