Quality of Life Committee Meeting

October 13, 2005

Meeting Time: 4:04 pm

Dr. Patterson:

Introduction of Melinda Millsap, new University Communications Coordinator. November 10th at our noon meeting is when she will come and talk with us about communication.

Today Kevin Graham – Director of Campus Security comes to talk to us about campus safety, crime and 1st aid.

Campus Security:

Kevin: Safety is paramount!! Parents are expecting children to be safe while they are away from home and living on campus.

- Parking (handout): has the amount of parking spots that are on campus.

- 1807 parking spots +50 at the All Faith’s Center.

- Parking garage and Roberts parking have the most trouble.

- 100 spots behind new physical sciences building.

- Enough for everyone

- Parking behind building, All Faith’s Center and Psychology building is under utilized.

- No one wants to walk, that is the problem J

Patterson: Visitor spots (29) seems to be too little

Kevin: No it isn’t enough. And sometimes students and faculty/staff will use these spots and make it even more difficult for visitors to park. Need to have more visitors parking.

  • Security for the most part gets what they need when they ask for it from the school
  • 1st aid- officer is teaching now and likes to teach to large groups
  • Emergency phones – working to get phones on perimeter of the campus. Residence halls working to get them and as they redo some of the parking lots they add wires for future use of phones.
  • Would like to have cameras on campus. On Crawford and Olin buildings.
    • $40-50,000 for 3 cameras
    • Color- day, black/white- night
    • Pan, zoom, motion activated. If someone moves in the parking lot the camera can pan and zoom in on the person. If there is someone moving in the Botanical gardens, the camera can find them
  • Coverage- 2 officers during the day, beginning of the semester – 3 officers, 1 for parking. 2 officers are for proactive security. Stop something before it stars.
    • most officers are at night
      • Murder that occurred on campus of security officer is going to court. Looking for the death penalty for the shooter and a life sentence for the person who committed the robbery.
    • MPD is here on campus a lot to help out with situations
    • Bike Patrol –officer no longer here. Hope to get another one, Very visible, rapid response and fuel efficient
  • Fire Safety – maintain fire extinguishers. Have program in place to identify where the fire extinguishers are and which ones need to taken care of.
  • Escort- mostly for temp. Disable students. 25% of what they did in September and another 25% unlocking doors for students that were locked out of rooms.
  • Vandalism – hard to prevent. Botanical gardens –last year, Columbia village- this year
    • Officer full time at Southgate& Columbia village
    • 4-5 in other areas
    • Supervisor every shift 2-3 during the night
  • Weapons – soft pellet guns are popular this year & bee bee guns. Campus rule, no weapons or look-a-like weapons
  • Finding lost children – parents call security to help find lost children. Kids that have not called home in a while. Security goes and finds them.
  • Website- have to give statistics (see handout) Florida Tech is one of the most safest campuses
    • (Handout) every person that is found (for instance at a party) is considered an incident. 7 people=7 incidents
    • Why so safe?
      • Lots of police protection
      • University community
      • Officers are some of the best
      • Students are not typical students like at most liberal arts colleges
    • Alcohol is the drug of use on campus
      • RAs and RDs well trained. Work hand in hand with security. Security escorts the RA on duty on their rounds and to break up parties.
  • Pedestrian Safety
    • 2-3 crosswalks on University Blvd
    • Wanted more on Babcock along with the timing of the lights to be better- DENIED by the City.
    • Inquired about speed humps on Country Club Rd. –City said No

Doug: Also inquired about a stop sign at Amherst – City said no

    • can’t have stop signs on Country Club because there is too much traffic
    • asked about speed humps – no because there is not enough traffic
    • Did get MPD to come out and do radar traps and ticket speeders

Kevin: 3 crosswalks on University. Melbourne is getting a grant to get all crosswalks to have blinking lights pop up on the sides of the crosswalk when someone steps into them. Psychology is also doing a study on Ped. Safety on campus

Matt: Students doing a non evasive study.

  • University Blvd. is not too bad about 80% yield
  • Country Club is about 1% yield – which fairs well with other universities

Kevin: no crosswalks on Country Club. Fear was that J-walking would occur and then they could be ticketed. Not valid for today but was before. Potential problem on that road for an accident.

Frank: Saw a potential hit the other day. Student was not paying attention.

- Need to work to teach students to protect themselves, crimes of convenience (leaving bags behind etc.)

Carolyn: Why not add crosswalks to Country Club? We have crosswalks at University and students J-walk all the time.

Kevin: Then Country Club would have too many

Matt: Ron VanHaugton is studying Ped. behavior. Some cross at the right spot and cars still don’t stop.

Patterson: Adding ways to funnel Ped. traffic help. What about the aesthetic improvements to the campus perimeter? Something that will funnel Ped. traffic?

Greg: Jan is when Improvements are slated to start. Fencing will be put up to funnel ped. traffic to crosswalks.

Patterson: Since he has been here there have been 5 killed and 5 injured by cars. Must be proactive. How many staff are in the Security office?

Kevin: 20 people total. 17 officers.

  • one officer called to the Guard temp in place
  • one officer on disability
  • would like to increase by one officer a year

Karen: Could the speed limit be lowered on Country Club?

Kevin: No city won’t allow that either. Tried many approaches.

Mary: Parking Situation for the future with increase of the number of students.

  • Did research on cost of parking at other universities. Compared to ours.
    • Looked at other private universities in Florida (another handout got as many numbers as I could)
      • Florida Tech:
        • Students: About $100/year
        • Staff: $40/year
        • Faculty $100/year
      • Rollins
        • Students: $60/ year $30/sem
        • Staff/faculty: no charge
      • Stetson
        • Students: (missed charge, less than $100/year)
        • Staff/faculty: no charge
      • Tampa
        • Students: (missed charge, less than $100.year)
        • Staff/faculty: no charge
      • Florida Southern
        • Students: $50 on campus $30 off campus
        • Staff/faculty: no charge
      • Barry: No charge for anyone
      • BCC: No charge
      • UCF: No Charge
      • Health First: no charge
      • Cape Canaveral: No Charge
      • Harris: No Charge
      • KSC: No Charge

Sara: Interesting to look at but need to find out how these schools pay for parking upgrades (ex: lights, phones, paving) the way that our money goes to those things because we do not have any endowments.

Patterson: Sub-committee to look further into this: Doug, Celine, Sara with Mary

  • FacForum found out that about 55% of the faculty/staff use it. Will get more information from Rhian
  • Television Monitors – Cost data. Slipped through the cracks will ask about it
  • Martin Luther King Celebration
    • 1st year of observance
    • Activities
    • Tom & Celine could do some exhibit in the Library
    • Committee to Brain Storm ideas of what to do
    • Julius Montgomery- 1st African American student
    • President will do something to commemorate him probably at commencement
    • Mark, Steven, Greg to join committee
    • Talk with Dr. Strother about including University Park Elementary
  • Butterfly Garden –plant landscape north of library. Will take residence in NW corner of library. Thing about making signs for “Things to come” on campus.
    • Crimson will write article
  • Plant Sale Saturday in quad
  • Thinking of adding to website the adopt a puddle J Update on the puddle near the crosswalk, if something can be done

Greg: Looked into it and the bricks are mortared and it would not be an easy job.

Patterson: Decision to name the puddle near the crosswalk the “Greg Puddle” to add to the quad’s “Lake Catanese” J

End: 4:57 pm