Quality of Life Committee Meeting

November 10, 2005

Location: 7th Floor Crawford Tower

Dr. Patterson: What is going on with Student Life?

Doug: -Residence Halls are at 99% capacity almost 102% with the offices.

-1300 students on campus

-New Saudi students for Spring. Will move into Grissom. Grissom was turned over to some faculty when the Residence Halls had low occupancy.

- Looked at renovating Residence Halls in quad

-Was looking at tearing town but not sure what to do with the occupancy

-Add 200 additional rooms, move the tennis courts to athletics and add a new dining hall.

-Southgate over capacity Apartment style

-Predication of new students was lower then what was actual

-Halls did not receive much damage from Wilma

-Columbia Village holding up well. Suite Style

-New Halls will have semi-private bath and be a traditional double occupancy room.

-Student activities going through secondary funding.

-Primary funding is a pool of money to give out to all the student organizations. $100,000 is the amount; in total organizations ask for $192,000

-Money is set aside for Homecoming, CAB, Student Government, Crimson and FITV

-All organizations get an office budget

Patterson: Timeline for renovations to the residence quad

Doug: Have selected the company to do it. Need board’s approval

-Have to do a “needs” assessment: Buildings, what do we want, and need to do a parking and drainage study.

-Survey students for preference, survey rental markets to get an idea of cost, financial plan to see if we can do it. Hoping it goes to the next Board meeting. Wants new halls by Fall 2008!

Sara: Where does the money come from?

Doug: Halls: Student grants go toward it. Food/Halls pay for themselves

Tom: That is why we have a needs assessment. Would there be a drastic cost (rise) in living

Doug: Try to keep in costs in line with the area. FPL has requested 18% rise in cost. Rise in cable, gas is up 10%. Have to keep these rises in mind, need to cover the costs

Tom: What is affordable, what isn’t. From off campus with the amenities that are requested from the students.

Patterson: Services: RAs?

Doug: 2 weeks of training at beginning of school year and in January. Job is tougher than usual due to dealing with mental health problems.

Patterson: CAPS – More students visiting?

Doug: Yes. Up over the past. CAPS has learning disabilities tests. They deal with emotional crisis. Have doctoral level students and 2 licensed doctors.

Patterson: SAFC have they have an increase in budget with the increase in students.

Doug: There has not been an increase in 3 years.

Sara: Can there be a list of why each student organization gets the amount of money they get in the Crimson.

Joanne: Already put what each student gets in the Crimson. Also told at the Student Government meeting. Does not put why each group gets the amount of money they get.

Doug: Could put each “why” on the website.

Patterson: How about Food Services?

Tom: As Director responsible for:

Evans, Rat, Sub, Center Court, Campus Catering, Vending and Office Coffee Service.

-Has a lot of ideas on how to replace Evans

-Will be a food service consultation. What people want to see offered on campus.

-Consultant Company will do in depth for all of campus.

William: If we Lose Evans will we lose the Rat too

Tom: Yes. Want to know what needs to go in. Whole facility will be replaced.

Patterson: Hours changed to accommodate the athletes?

Tom: Ideally all food would be 24/7 but have to make sure we don’t lose money. Hours extended to what students need. Evans open until 7:30, maybe even longer with the new facility.

Patterson: How many students use it? How many meal plans?

Tom: 10 different meal plans. Goal to have meal plan to fit any life style. Major goal to satisfy meal plan. Number of students on meal plans is about 1500 students. Also have a faculty/staff dining club.

Sara: Has an Off Campus Meal Plan ever been looked into? Being able to use “pts” off campus.

Tom: Usually use off campus group to use the off campus meal plan.

Karen: Having chains on campus

Tom: We aren’t big enough. Only open 9 months of year. Franchises are expensive. Looked into Subway a while ago. $10-15,000 to open a franchise. 10-12% of sale goes to the franchise. Compensate with offering Freshens, Perkey’s Pizza, and Cristano Sandwiches. License Concept.

David: Flex cash is gone too quickly. Can you change meal plan in the middle of semester?

Tom: Only change in between semesters.

David: Substitute Meal plan for a dollar amount?

Tom: Most cost of meal plan is all you can. Overhead is about $2.50 at Evans. Can only give $2.50 for the meal pt.

Rhian: Sense of community is lost with the meal point because you can only use it at really one place.

Tom: Why we have many different meal plans. Can’t take away Evans type of eatery. However update it. Evans is a 1950s style built in the 1960s. It is very outdated.

Patterson: Do we have a fulltime nutritionist?

Tom: No we have consultant for Menus. Specials Menus are on a cycle in each area. Sub is rotating every 6 weeks. Menus based on past knowledge and from student requests.

Patterson: Staff in food services there is some that have been with Florida Tech for a while.

Tom: Pretty stable staff. Chefs have been here for 7-8 years. 12 years ago not a very skilled staff. Staff is very skilled and very good. 105 Full time 150-165 people work in food services. Replace about 7-8 positions a year.

Sara: Any plans for a sub renovation?

Tom: In 10 years plan to expand.

Rhian: Any chance of Pizza delivery to office?

Tom: Have to be conservative but can look into it.

Patterson: Talk about the Crimson

Stephen: Crimson is doing well with the new publisher, Florida Today. Delivery date is on Thursday. Help make it more of a weekend paper.

Debuts in Spring Semester.

Arts and Entertainment (Diversions) Incorporate local movie times for the weekend, puzzles, comics.

Working on Science/Technology page. Use research going on in school.

2nd page is for national news. Front page is more for school news.

Back page is sports also have inside issue to get peoples attention.

Plan on sending packets to departments on how to contact the Crimson

Going to NYC to compete for national awards.

Thanks to Karen Rhine from University Communications with press releases.

Patterson: How to continue the momentum?

Stephen: 1st meeting had over 15 freshman interested just from FITForum announcements and Class of 2009 List serv. Revamped the website. Have a staff of about 50 students.

Daniel: good job at getting campus news. Student Government committee for Student activities to streamline communication between clubs.

Stephen: Study of how many papers go off rack. Go around the school and count. Also give papers off campus.

Patterson: Thought on section of pages in different languages. Also Parents interested in getting paper.

Stephen: Mail subscription from orientation paper. Parents subscribe 40-45 interested also send to Puerto Rico. Still get subscription requests. Put ad in next Florida Tech Today magazine.

NEXT MEETING: December 8, 9 am

Kathy Turner: Library’s display for Jan-Feb is for Black History Month.

End: 1:10 pm


Gordon Patterson

William Wlrich

Stephen Hanna

Rhian Resnick

Sara Parent

Karen Rhine

Malinda Millsap

Tanyka Sham Ku

Kathy Turner for Celine Lang

Monica Baloga

Bob Taylor

Maria Pozo de Fernandez

Joanne Green

David Kincad

Tom Stewart

Mark Ritter

Doug Nolder

Daniel Rezendes