Quality of Life Committee Meeting

November 14, 2006

Location: 7th Floor Crawford Tower

I. Old Business

a. Panthereum dedication

Greg Tsark indicated that there may already have been a small quiet dedication and that a bigger event may occur when the person who donated the money for it is available.

b. Graduation tickets

Sara Fieberg explained that since there is always plenty of seats available in the overflow areas, no tickets will be given for those seats; she also stated that graduates could request a larger diploma size from Cookie Young.

c. Smoking Areas

Matt Normand reported that his graduate students are doing preliminary work counting cigarette butts in designated locations. Once data is collected and analyzed, the outdoor ashcans will be moved further away from doors to see if smokers will follow them.

II. New Business

a. Meeting with President Catanese

i. Housing and Dining reports

He was pleased with the information gathered by the subcommittees pertaining to the proposed new housing facilities and dining accommodations

ii. Green Campus group

Dr. Catanese was interested in pursuing a recycling program on campus and had expressed that he thought this was already underway (prompted by a previous report on campus recycling generated by a QOL subcommittee last year). He wanted to see a proposal from this group that addressed how this could be carried out while still maintaining an appealing look to the campus.

b. New Projects

i. Visitor maps and signs

Greg reported that Facilities is currently getting quotes for replacement and new signs on campus. It was suggested that large campus maps could be posted in strategic places such as the Keuper Administration Building and the Clemente Center.

ii. Others

Monica Baloga asked the committee to suggest ways of gathering information on campus quality of life issues. Sara recommended that the first spring meeting could consist of making a list of issues as suggested by committee members. The committee could then prioritize and concentrate on the top three issues for the semester. If other issues arose during the semester, they could be addressed if time permitted.

Geoffrey Goutallier suggested more speed bumps for the parking lots and asked about temperature control in the Skurla Building. There is a noticeable temperature difference between the 1st and 2nd floors of this building.

c. Meeting time for next semester

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 at 9 a.m.; 7th floor of Crawford Building