Quality of Life Committee Meeting

December 8, 2005

Location: 7th Floor Crawford Tower

Patterson: Parking Committee

(Greg walks in; everyone points at the East Side door in the 7th floor at a fabulous leak……”Good Morning”)

Mary: Expand search to all ICUF schools. Doug enlisted security office to continue search.

Faculty/Staff: possible to have F/S purchase license plate and they will get free parking. About 100 f/s have plates now and 100 students.

Doug: 500 across the state

Mary: Difficult to get to registration to get plate, propose a 2 hour time to go to get tag. The cost of losing the income from the parking: guesstimation 220 faculty @$100 and 600 staff at $40 approximately $60,000. University kick back from plates University would lose about $35,000. The money from parking fees would go into a general fund.

Students: several proposals. Doug talked to some administration and some suggestions got put on the back burner. Instead of having to pay each semester, pay for the whole year. Would cut down on students having to remember to renew pass.

Doug: Proposed different cost between on campus and off campus students. Would still be problematic. Keep the discount for students that have the license plate. Having the students pay for the parking pass for the year would not lose much money for summer since there are not that many students here anyway.

Monica: Does the University get a kick back from the license plate?

Doug: Yes, a portion of the extra $25 that you pay to have the plate.

Matt: Doesn’t mind paying the $100 if he knows where it is going. Doesn’t want the school to lose money.

Mary: Reserved Parking Idea from UCF. They pay a high fee but have a reserved spot. Some have expressed that they like that idea.

Matt: Know where parking money goes. People might not mind paying the parking.

Frank: Have to deal with those that have personalized plates that they may not want to get rid of.

Doug: We did talk about that.

Frank: Do we lose money to go and get tag..leave time

Mary: No money for leave time, just a time to go during the day.

Frank: Are they available by mail

Mary: No you have to go there to get a new plate.

Doug: Talked about setting something up here to sign up for them, but every car is different because of their weight, so it would be too difficult.

Sara: Knowing where the money goes, might help people understand why we are paying for parking

Mary: approximately $250,000 goes to school from just parking fees. Started when Weaver was first president.

Patterson: Will it cause a problem to tell everyone where money goes for parking…will they want to know where all their money goes and sometimes it changes.

Mary: Parking fee used to be used for paving parking lots. Now with new buildings that cost is factored in.

Doug: More expanded report. Doesn’t think there is a downside to letting people know what projects are going on and what they are costing and that the money in the “blackhole” actually is being used.

Patterson: Work on Report of other school sand have ready for 3rd week in January.

Doug: Will work with Kevin and the committee to get it ready

Patterson: Students most important and there seems to be the least flexibility with their costs.

Matt: Larger issue is knowing what is going on, where the money goes. Maybe have crimson do an article. Type of impact if money goes away and if it didn’t come from somewhere like parking, other things might be taken away.

Doug: With housing setting fees now and FPL raised fess by 20%. Water and sewage also has been raised as well.

Greg: $1.5 million goes for power.

Bob: Utility Bill is a big cost

Sara: An article telling students where money goes would help. What projects going on.

Patterson: Campus improvements

Greg: Amphitheatre: structure and lawn area

-design completed: 1st of year with approvals

-With regulations approval will start construction in Feb. Take about 8-10 weeks. Early April it should be open

Doug: Student activities office will have a naming contest. With a $500 prize

Greg: Site plan and how well it fits. 200-300 audience

Patterson: How to get on going knowledge of the theatre. Help create a positive feel about having it be built. End of year effect. Creative opening ideas.

Tom: Spring Fling with Food services is Apr 19. May be able to coincide

Patterson: Other events that could be held at same time.

Reception for graduates and parents could be held there

Conference and Events will be in charge of booking it.

Get College Players to do something

Doug: A sign with artist rendition. Could put on TV98

Greg: Facilities have page that says what is coming.

Matt: News portal page to set to home page for the school. With facilities, plays, news feed

Patterson: Rhian Resnick: talk with him about setting it up along with working with Malinda

Malinda: Have a news room page with all press releases.

Matt: A page that has a my.yahoo.com feel to it.

Patterson: Babcock project?

Greg: Have permit to put up fence. DOT approval: still waiting for that. Project will be from Columbia village entrance (with a new FT sign like the one on University) all the way to the southern most entrance near where the athletic fields are. Fence till University and then landscaping till the southern most part. Jungle road entrance will come back and feed into parking lot behind library. Will close entrance into Frueauff parking lot and have road extend from that parking lot to the one behind library.

Doug: Worried about the jungle entrance because that fence is open and don’t want to give people the ability to drive through there to the other side of campus.

Greg: Will look into that.

President’s office construction is under way. There will be a metal roof and the University Seal will be at the top of the building facing the street. It will light up and it will bulge out a little.

Painting of Crawford will take some time. They have to caulk and add concrete. Color scheme is white and tan/beige

A railing for the outside of the sub is a pending project. It is waiting for approval. Paid out of general fund. $15,000

Planning roof top garden on 7th floor of Crawford. Will add new railings to the outside. Add flowing plants over the edge.

Patterson: New Business

Heard Study days not being used in the right way, classes are still being held. Will need to ask students about it in the spring.

Monica: Doesn’t look like there are study days for the Spring or Fall of next year.

Patterson: Not supposed to in spring should in fall. Need to see if they work

Monica: some professors holding “review” sessions however adding new material

Patterson: Guidelines for days are to be can have review but NO NEW MATERIAL

Sara: Issue with people not knowing why the fall break days were added. May want to explain why

Patterson: Need to tell the history of them. First came to the committee as a study week and then turned into study days when we wanted to have class start on a Monday in the fall and not a Wednesday.

Question on Student Health Center.

Heard about Students without insurance in emergency are being turned away

Closing of the Center produces problems

Propose to invite the Director to a meeting next semester Feb/March


Quality of Care

Doug: Concerns heard

Not being able to get appointment (that happens at other doctors’ office as well)

Will see if emergency

Have off site emergency places if center closed

Open now through lunch time

New doctor coming to campus very excited to come

Patterson: Invite them to lunch. A visible presence on the campus, draw new staff in

Sara: Staff Advisory Board…is that still happening

Doug: Yes there is one

Malinda: Haven’t had an official meeting yet

Carolyn: Should have a list of all the committees and who is on them on one webpage.

Patterson: All report to Susan Chasteen about what is going on

Carolyn: Finds it difficult to find what she is looking for on the Florida Tech website

Patterson: Invite IT people in January to talk to us about what they are doing and what they are planning to do. Talked about a new roll out of blackboard in Jan. is now moved till Summer. Issues with blackboard, may want to talk with blackboard people as well next semester.

Spring Semester meeting times:

Propose 3rd Friday of the month. Shift times throughout day

January 20: 9 am

February 17: noon

March 17: 4 pm

April 21: 9 am

END: 10:05 am


Sara Parent

Malinda Millsap

William Ulrich

Stephen Hanna

Bob Taylor

Greg Tsark

Gordon Patterson

Tom Stewart

Doug Nolder

Matt Normand

Joanne Green

Frank Leslie

Celine Lang

Monica Baloga

Cheryl Fossani

Mary Mullins

Mark Ritter