Welcome to Web for Faculty

You've been assigned a TRACKS account username that is used in combination with a minimum eight-character password to access Web for Faculty. Login in will be done with your TRACKS account username and password.

The password requirements for TRACKS accounts have been increased from six characters using two character classes, to a minimum of eight characters using three character classes. This affects how you'll login to Web for Faculty. Your password must now be a minimum of eight (8) characters in length and contain three different character classes.

You can use any combination of lowercase letters (a–z), uppercase letters (A–Z), numbers (0–9) and/or special characters (!,<,>,&, #, $, etc.).

International faculty should remember that computers not using English as the primary language may not recognize all special characters available on your Florida Tech computer.

Passwords expire after 120 days. Once expired, you’ll need to change to a new password, using the same protocol of three of the four character groups (capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters).

You’ll need to contact the Technology Support Center at (321) 674-7284 or techsupport@fit.edu to have your password reset or to choose a new one after 120 days of use. You’ll be locked out of your account for 10 minutes if you fail to enter your correct password 10 times.

Go to Access Florida Tech and click on the Faculty tab. From there, enter your TRACKS username and password.

Some of the information and tools available in Web for Faculty:

1) Midterm and final grading—Faculty of 1000 and 2000 level courses must enter their midterm grades online. Online grading is the official mode of submitting final grades.

2) Faculty Schedules—Faculty schedules are displayed for the term selected, including all classes assigned and information such as enrollment, times and location.

3) Class Lists—A listing of students in faculty member's course for a particular CRN. Also includes information about the student: level, degree, major and class. Address information can be viewed by clicking on the student's name.

4) Academic History—Faculty who do not have general advising responsibilities (adjuncts, for instance) have access to academic history for only the students they teach. Faculty who are also advisers may access academic history of any student.

5) Add/Drop—Faculty are able to register a student for classes and drop a student from a course with the student's permission (meaning that the student will need to login as well).

6) Degree Evaluation—Faculty are able to use a powerful online advising and degree planning tool (CAPP). 

Adherence to FERPA regulations applies to all student information available through this service. Guidelines on the release of information from educational records to others is available at FERPA.